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28. September 2021 by Shanada about One Bard Band by Alexander Nakarada
I love your music so much~! I'm currently narrating through the book of Moby Dick on my youtube channel and your songs make the perfect world building background tracks. Thank you for your amazing compositions~
26. September 2021 by erikkhood about A New Beginning by Agnese Valmaggia
Thank you for creating this song – it was both an apt title and a perfect background for a video ( I made about my first kid. I'm glad I purchased because I plan on using it for future videos! Thanks, Agnese!
25. September 2021 by lilosound about NewFlower by Lilo Sound
Thanks for letting me know. I listened to the Ultra Soul Project. The kalimba is close but the sound/sample does not seem to be the same.. Seems it's an error made by a rights 'bot. I assume you got the notice on YouTube. Artists get these errors all the time. Rest assured, New Flower is 100% Lilo Sound. Automation just sucks and Google doesn't seem to care to do anything about it.
25. September 2021 by TreyBaird about NewFlower by Lilo Sound
I got a copyright notice. Apparently there's a song called "Tribute to Culoe D Song" by Ultra Soul Project that samples this song, and now I can't monetize. Not a problem, per se, because I'm not a partner yet, but this information may affect other people.
24. September 2021 by JudithT about Rock Guitar Intro 02 by TaigaSoundProd
hi, i there a chance to add a loop- verson? i like that song for my podcast and would also like to use it in my trailer but its to short :(
21. September 2021 by lerntux about Cinematic Emotional Inspiring by WinnieTheMoog
Who is the author of this work? I ask because youtube accuses me of copyright infringement. The copyright holder is HAAWK Publishing
21. September 2021 by Myckeul about Adventures In Adventureland by Kevin MacLeod
J'adore cette musique ! Elle pourrait servir d'intro pour un film comme Mary Poppins, par exemple ! Beau travail, et merci de sa diffusion !!!
15. September 2021 by alenium about Adventure by Alexander Nakarada
AMAZING! OMG I am so happy about this song I found! Thank you
14. September 2021 by AnnLinn about Virtutes Vocis by Kevin MacLeod
God breathed is inspiring! So good to listen to it!❤????
11. September 2021 by Lagon about A Flock Of Mandolins by Brian Holtz Music
A Flock Of Mandolins, is very nice :) UG (limited)
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