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6 days ago by JoJoeh about Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeod
Heard this piece as the background music for so many paranormal videos, too many to remember, too many to count. Thank you.
09. January 2021 by SimonJJ about End Titles (Romeos Erbe) by Sascha Ende
A wonderful piece of music, brings thoughts back to me of past times.
08. January 2021 by moscow34 about Immortal fury by Óscar H Caballero
Youtube warns that this music is copyrighted
06. January 2021 by JoJoeh about Local Forecast - Slower by Kevin MacLeod
First discovered this song via the YouTuber IHE, I Hate Everything. It's the one and only song he uses for his title cards.
05. January 2021 by Whitedreams about The Drama by Rafael Krux
I really like the music! But I want to start a YouTube channel on the topic of information. I have a doubt that can I use this song as background music in my YouTube video? Will I get any copyright strikes and claims? My only fear is copyright issues. Please reply me soon.
01. January 2021 by E1craZ4life about Five Card Shuffle by Kevin MacLeod
Good evening, dear friend Coming ‘round the bend. The night seems rather tame. If you’ve time to spare, I would like to share With you my special game. It’s quite a fun game That goes by the name Of Five Card Shuffle, sir. (Or ma’am) And if you got luck As strong as a truck, You could go home richer. (Hot damn!) Now, here is the way We’re going to play The game I have for you Five cards in a line Each numbered just fine Three, five, one, four, and two. We’ll turn them face down, And then go to town To rearrange each card. And then, when I’m done, I’ll tell you which one I want to see shown. Not too hard. The game has a pace That’s much like a race As each round has more speed Than the one before. This game is no bore, With all the skill you’ll need. There’s no need to fret While placing a bet Because it has a prize That raises each time You finish at prime More than you realize. I promise it’s fun And pays four to one With every victory; In total, the score For perfect is more Than nine million from me. If you win all ten Rounds on a buck, then You’ll be a millionaire; But any mistake Is going to break That bank right then and there. I know you’ll return To try and re-earn The money that you lose Whenever you fail In hopes you’ll prevail And take a pleasure cruise. So, what do you say? You ready to play Some Five Card Shuffle, sir? (Or ma’am) A one-dollar bet Would end all your debt If you have luck that’s pure. (Hot damn!)
01. January 2021 by Navratanrasoi about Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod
I used this piece of music in my youtube video, Thanks I really liked it
31. December 2020 by andykaufman about Favorite by Alexander Nakarada
Thank you for your creative works, Alexander! We published a "Top 5 Favorite Episodes" to wrap up the year and couldn't resist using your song "Favorite". The music picks up right at the beginning at Thank you!
31. December 2020 by pao1os about With the Sea by Kevin MacLeod
Lovely atmospheric track. Thank you.
29. December 2020 by Matthewsherrard about Thunderstorms rain and wind chimes by Sascha Ende
Absolutely Lovely

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