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23. March 2021 by Koolkitty108 about Aurea Carmina by Kevin MacLeod
Kevin Macleod got me into nu-disco now apparently...
23. March 2021 by Koolkitty108 about Who Likes to Party by Kevin MacLeod
I swear, this sounds like it could be an Earth, wind & fire song... really reminding me of September
22. March 2021 by stl1988 about Morgana Rides by Kevin MacLeod
It's indeed used in at least one game as dungeon music.
21. March 2021 by Scryberwitch about Danger Storm by Kevin MacLeod
This is super cool...I'd really like to use part of it - just like 5-10 seconds - for my YouTube channel. I'm wondering if getting a clip like that is an option?
19. March 2021 by Lainey about Organ Filler by Kevin MacLeod
Anything with this song makes me laugh all the time! It's just that funny! :)
18. March 2021 by storeni about Andromeda by Sascha Ende®
This is a beautiful and evocative track - perfect for my project. I initially downloaded under free license - but it suits so well that I just had to buy it. This composer/developer is highly skilled - and I will be back for more :)
18. March 2021 by tesailia about Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod
am I tripping or is this the sims 4 music
17. March 2021 by JonBoy about Flying Angels by Sascha Ende®
This is absolutely beautiful! Found it through someone using it on YouTube. Reminds me a little of Eric Whittaker.
17. March 2021 by Lainey about Chee Zee Cave by Kevin MacLeod
This is what classic Cake At Stakes are made of! :)
17. March 2021 by Ants about Clear Waters by Kevin MacLeod
Dear Kevin, Just like to let you know that this lovely piece of music of yours, has been put to good use by an NGO for water advocacy (UN SDG 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation), credits acknowledged for free use of course. Your fan, Anthony T UG (limited)
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