Free calm music

25k      875    111    29:20
VERY LARGE FILE. This is a 30 minute atmospheric piece done entirely with slow attack synths.
21k      722    104    02:09
Slow moving cluster chords. Beautiful, I say!<BR><BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
29k      993    123    04:00
A sort of drone-based piece with something that sounds like a waterphone, and some other things that I don't know what they could be. Super chill - good amounts of tension with some glorious consonants.<BR>
898      15    5    01:36
An atmospheric piano pieceQuite minimal and ideal for;relaxation,study,stargazing and many business projects.
154k      5k    307    04:23
You know when you're at a friend's house overnight for an experimental airplane convention and there are people sleeping on various sofas, so you don't want to turn on the lights - but then you run your shin smack into the metal coffee table, knocking over 3 mostly empty bottles...
13k      434    42    03:42
Very simple polyrhythms and polymelodies. <BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
26k      867    95    07:03
A slow, trance-inducing piece of minimalism with a touch of melody in parts.
50k      2k    91    06:02
You don't think mountains are timeless? What are you, a geologist? I should have recognized that by your customized beer mugs and your copper-colored Subaru.
23k      771    100    02:22
A calming piece rendered on 3 iPhones using the Bloom, Bebot, and Balls applications.
8k      253    28    01:50
Nice piece for a narrative voice-over of good times past, present or future.<BR>
17k      561    75    06:45
The constant reverberating sound of rain and the perfect-fifth drone of the strings are calming, but have an air of suspense and tension about them, as if a drama is about to unfold. The koto plays a near continuous refrain, at times forcefully. Evoking pre-colonialist East Asia, the piece is...
15k      485    49    00:49
Thanks to the Unheard Beethoven people for their great work on uncovering these lost pieces! This piece is ca. 1803.
41k      1k    110    03:03
Very easy-going piece for acoustic steel string guitar and classical guitar. Second A section includes deep and soft piano.<BR>
30k      994    92    03:39
You know what's cool? A standpipe in the winter. I imagine this one with a hip mustache and a plaid beret. Enough of the imagery, this is a little downtempo chill piece with lush horn punctuation. Suitable for: walks in the rain, time-lapse videos, sad cooking shows. You can <A...
120k      4k    196    01:53
A solumn affair. Deep and religious.