Free grooving music

7k      481    93    02:42
Funky Disco Track of the 70s
2k      105    34    00:25
Energy and beautiful synthwave style musical intro. This composition perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the 80s. Perfect for futuristic videos, documentary films, hi tech projects, science, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, modern fashion, futuristic cinematic, active sports, action videos, IT, TV broadcasting, innovations, promo videos, space, cosmos, digital marketing, innovative technologies, dynamic footage,...
8k      533    107    02:52
Bright and catchy electronic indie pop music. A very energetic and motivating mood is perfect for the background of your projects! Positive and energetic music that is great for projects such as TV-shows, commercials, corporate projects, movie trailers, radio, presentations, promotions, games, youtube videos, Mobile Phone App, films. Style: Indie,...
24k      2k    275    00:24
2k      96    29    01:56
Quick little metal banger. Perfect as an intro/outro for your testosterone-filled lumberjack or metalwork series!
1k      57    16    03:38
Spherical Techno/Trance Music with catchy Melody. Ideal for Flight and Car scenes, Sport, Social Media, Tutorials, Show, Events and much more.
6k      303    83    00:24
Short Intro / Jingle with Hand Claps, epic Percussion and Power Drums for Advertising, You Tube, Film and Television. Can also be used as Loop.
3k      225    38    03:33
Cool Techno/Trance Background Music for Social Media, Action, Sports, Party, Club, Events, Technology and much more.
9k      498    122    00:26
Modern, electronic and romantic music. Light and bright pianos, airy pads, and the dynamics of the synthesizer, bass and drums. This composition is perfect for projects such as : advertising, Valentine's Day, presentations, business, corporate, documentaries, tutorials, time lapse, commercial trailers, tv jingles, drama tv show, history, education, cinematic soundtrack,...
4k      186    58    03:46
Chilling 80s Synthwave for everything
24k      2k    217    01:44
Bright and powerful synthesizer sets the strong energy of this composition. Powerful bit and 808 bass, that's what you need for any sport activities or competitions. Strong dynamic vibes would be the beat for commercials, backgrounds, games, action movies or video. Instruments: drums, bass, synth, fx, percussion, pluck.
37k      3k    306    02:16
1 Version
7k      404    81    03:27
Cool Trap Beat for Movie, YouTube, Halloween, Shopping and much more.
43k      3k    403    04:56
Oldschool trance techno with modern sounds. I loved it then and I still love it today.
3k      152    32    03:38
Chill guitar piece.