Free grooving music

22k      463    42    03:20
Bouncy piece, usable in spy setting. Stays similar throughout, easily looped, if necessary.<BR> A touch of old school Tarantino.
1k      28    11    03:00
Powerful piece with technical elements
16k      326    31    01:50
Bach's 3-part invention with a hip beat and bass. The notes are all Bach's, but are not all in the correct order.<BR>
42k      870    67    03:45
This is the same as Blown Away, but without any of the drums.<BR><BR>This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
27k      559    62    03:13
Player One Up! Ready! Go! Health 100%. Weasel Gun Equipped. This is sort of how I imagined 80s electronic music people tried to copy the distorted guitars of the day, but with 8bit sound sources. It doesn't sound like guitars at all, but it does sound like people trying to...
2k      39    8    03:05
A chilled,funky, dance track.Very smooth and quite atmospheric.
14k      289    23    02:29
An electronica piece with lots of beeps intermittently throughout. Starts slowly, intensifies after 46 seconds. Strong bass beats in the background after 46 seconds.
3k      53    14    02:28
3k      54    12    02:08
Hypnotic upright bass, electric piano, pan drums, synth pads, percussion, electronics.
4k      79    18    02:58
An oldschool techno / house track with an expansive bass line and joyful synthesizer melodies. Attention: Upon buying a premium license, you will get access to the following: - Full Track uncompressed, 48kHz, 24bit - Chorus (loopable), uncompressed, 48kHz, 24bit - Drums (loopable), uncompressed, 48kHz, 24bit
2k      37    8    02:28
Laid back piano, vibes, electric piano, percussion. Use while drinking Long Island Iced Tea, Gran Marnier & Tea, hot saki, vodka, beer, more vodka, another LTiced tea please, where are my feet?
3k      60    7    02:57
1k      25    4    01:36
A positive ,mid tempo, funky pop track.Features include:guitar,drums,bass and bells.Ideal for:corporate projects,holiday vlogs,luxury projects etc.
2k      44    13    02:19
Breezy Guitars, percussion
2k      44    7    02:55