Why managing Filmmusic.io is just a hobby for me!

Updates 16.07.2021

Some ask why I run "Filmmusic.io" as a hobby? Summer is always very bad in the music business.

Here an example from yesterday: Income net 123 Eur. From that the artists get 86,1 Eur. Rest: 36,90 Eur before all other costs.

Of course you have to deduct other running costs like the server, the tax advisor, taxes, IHK...

Remains almost nothing :D

On the other hand, yesterday we had over 200GB of traffic, almost 450,000 requests, 57,262 plays, 2,692 downloads. But we don't earn anything with that, because they are all users who download music for free. We currently pay 5 euros for 1000GB of CDN data traffic.

That's why Filmmusic.io is just a hobby. I earn my income from a job as a programmer in the automotive industry. Everything that happens here on Filmmusic.io happens in my meager spare time. There is only me, because I could not pay anyone either. I program new functions, I answer emails, I answer questions in the forum... and sometimes I make music - if I have time for it. Unfortunately, even that is getting less and less, because the rest consumes too much time. My last song was 6 months ago.


Sascha Ende
CEO & Programmer of Filmmusic.io

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