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Announcements 14.10.2021

In order not to have to bear the risk and the costs as a private person, the decision was made two years ago to register a company for Filmmusic.

An independent company always offers tax advantages, since costs can be deducted. This is easier and less complicated than with private individuals.

Nevertheless, there was never a profit motive behind the project: Sascha Ende (founder and CEO of the website) simply wanted to create a website for unknown artists who offer their music for free but still want to earn a few Euros.

Nowhere else do artists get paid 70% of the revenue. And that, although the artists are not even forced to offer their music exclusively on The market norm is around 40-50%, but only if the artists are under exclusive contract.

From the beginning it was clear that after all the costs there wouldn't be much money left. This is still the case today. The whole project is only possible because Sascha is the only unpaid person who programs the website, takes care of the support as well as everything around the accounting and payments of the artists. Sascha Ende even donates his own entire income from his music sales every month to run the company.

Filmmusic was actually supposed to be registered as a non-profit company - but this was rejected by the tax office in Germany, as an online store for music licenses cannot be registered as a non-profit company.

So it is still the case that Filmmusic is a "normal company", but still does not make any profit payments to shareholders, nor does it have paid staff. It is all based on people who invest their free time to keep this project alive.

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