Content ID claims on youtube by Rafael Krux music

Updates 18.04.2022

The artist Rafael Krux, who also offers music on our platform, informed us today that he has registered his music in the Youtube Content ID system due to numerous thefts.

His message:

Registered my CC music to Youtube ID a few days ago due to multiple thefts that happened lately, if you have their's youtube channel, please send it over and I'll just request the whitelisting (it's quite quick) and they can definitely dispute the claims by saying that it's CC music (all should be cleared within 48h tops).  All the best, Rafael

If you have received a hint from Youtube, please send an email with the address of the video to Do not contact Filmmusic support, because we can not help you regarding youtube claims - only the artist can.

We are very sorry for the effort this will cause you. Unfortunately, our hands are tied as a marketplace when artists make such decisions. We have decided to remove the music from this artist from our website. Purchased licenses will of course remain valid and the music files will be available for buyers for a limited time.

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