Mad Dog - Long play

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Playlist by MadDogStudio

Guitar, alto sax and synths. Relaxing and positive ambient music for your video project. Inspire ambient music, beautiful ambient background, calm soundtrack, documentary ambient soundtrack. Peaceful atmosphere and relaxing ambient...
8718      655    109    15:33
Beautiful slow moving piece with consonant sounds punctuated by rare notes that sing out over the top... like the manatee. The full, uncompressed version of this piece is <A HREF="">available...
68276      3198    403    17:36
Mostly pentatonic piece. Listening may cause healing of undisclosed issues.<BR>
30091      1350    209    08:40
This epic 41-minute relaxing juggernaut is a continually changing yet always pleasant piece. How pleasant? Very, very pleasant. You can just put this one on and drift away to the...
218139      11970    777    41:17
Light and airy, this piece is guaranteed not to steal focus.<BR>
129408      7099    362    05:07
Rich, cynical people. We all know them, and they are definitely listening to this song while they’re being rich and cynical
8282      410    73    08:27
Very calm, very long piece. Piano over a drone in D. <BR>You can download the full <A HREF="">uncompressed WAV file of this file here</A>. You can get even <A HREF="">more...
112267      5903    523    35:57
Beautiful female solo voice and mystical monk chants. A nice chill track in the style of Enigma
3342      153    28    05:41
This is lo-fi music. It is a calm relaxing melody, where the delicate notes of the piano are complemented by the sounds of drums. This music seems to transport us...
1199      54    12    05:16
16068      961    98    05:41
All over the world, people are evacuating: whether because of floods, because of fires, or because of war. This song is a snapshot of my feelings.
5965      312    63    05:31
If you have played games like “Skyrim” or similar open world games, this is the music you want for the cold, wet wilderness. This is a 16+ minute piece (huge...
13086      731    164    16:09