Mad Dog - Action

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Playlist by MadDogStudio

16k      1k    205    02:49
I like to call this “redneck metal”. That might be completely wrong, but it definitely has a “southern” touch over it. Jack the Lumberer is an extremely popular song across the internet, and it has been used in so many different kinds of content, I won’t start suggesting what kind...
14k      1k    206    02:21
Cool country rock music for road trip, film, TV, commercial, adventure, social media, holiday and much more.
33k      3k    426    02:08
From the "Another Grand Score" album. These 6 pieces were requested by a game developer. They all have the same recognizable theme in different styles and emotions. Perfect to keep your audience entertained and interested. Extended license purchase includes the lossless .wav file.
10k      780    177    03:00
60s Surf Rock Music in the style of the Tarantino Films.
14k      1k    209    02:57
Exciting groovy Music for Crime, Thriller, Action, but also Comedy and much more.
3k      172    17    05:18