Personal Piano Practice Pieces

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Stuff I transcribed into sheet music to practice at home.

Playlist by AndyTehNerd

After very popular demand I've increased the length of this piece. I've also added a few new and improved instrument + general improvements to the mix
19449      1436    212    04:13
Celtic fantasy music with beautiful melodies and catchy rhythms. Definitely reflects upon this lovely season.
12482      785    177    02:37
Start off as a slow emotional piano piece with hints of the orchestra. Goes into a emotional phase towards the end. Written for a children’s theater and used during the...
2604      117    24    02:05
Originally written as the theme for the main antagonist in a game. Russian/German-styles music, as I can’t really hear the difference.
3488      173    34    01:49
A remake of one of my most popular celtic fantasy pieces. Extremely emotional and epic.
8166      527    62    03:20
One of my most popular pieces. This piece is so melodic and full of harmony that it’s hard to comprehend. I picture a group of nomads traveling the most beautiful...
13635      748    175    03:10
An epic piano recreation of one of my most popular pieces “Traveler”. This surely is epic. You could (theoretically) do anything, and no matter how lame it is, it would...
7032      386    57    04:54
Traveler is one of my most popular pieces. It’s a celtic fantasy piece with so much melody and harmony that it’s difficult to comprehend. Imagine traveling in either a group...
19216      1192    253    04:07
From the album “Fjörður”. A celtic-inspired piece, with lots of melody and diversity. This is perfect background music for most things. Melodic fantasy music like this has a very soothing...
4511      217    32    05:34
The piano version of this song. Starts of very calm and relaxing and transcends into a big band blues piece. This is definitely one of my own personal piano favorites....
7648      403    58    04:11
Come Closer is a mystical melodic piano piece that was originally placed in the middle section of my metal album Origin. It has rock elements, but is in general really...
2312      122    13    02:54
Improvised piano piece that should make you think. You can do so much with just a piano. It’s a fantastic instrument. I think this counts as a sad piano piece.
6033      364    60    02:42
Pure medieval bonfire music, as played around a bonfire! They wouldn’t be able to play it this loud though. The wolves might find them.
7004      342    96    01:38
A sad and romantic piece. Lots of harmonies and strings. Perfect for those sad scenes where you want your viewers to cry a couple of tears. This music will help...
6076      316    68    04:00
Secret Garden is a mystical piano piece with a growing ensemble throughout the song. Interesting melodies, but the piece itself won’t steal too much attention. Right before the 2 minute...
4548      233    39    08:16