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Your advantages:

  • Strong national and international reach through our licensing schema
  • Earn money with extended licenses (which allow the user to remove the attribution in future projects):
    • Receive 70% of revenue
    • No exclusivity, so you can upload your music somewhere else as well
    • Monthly payment (from 50 EUR)
  • Extensive statistics and evaluations
  • Your own profile with your music


  • You produce your own music (for example: No music maker or music maker jam loop productions, no samples from sample libraries)
  • You are not a member of a collecting society (e.g. GEMA, BMI, SOCAN, SUISA, SGAE...)
  • Your music is not registered in the CID system of Youtube (because people are paying for using ad-free music)


  • Minimum contract period is 2 years (music cannot be removed from the library during this period)
  • At least 10 songs
  • All songs will released under our licenses
  • You are responsible for your uploads, we do not control any music

Important (honest) information:

  • Don't expect too much, you won't (mostly) get rich with it.
  • We cannot tell you how much you will sell - some sell a lot, some sell nothing at all.

What your application should contain:

  • Remember that all important information about you and your music is included. We want to listen to your music: If we can't, we will most likely reject your application.
  • Your application should contain all information to match our terms and requirements with your profile.

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