Unfortunately we do not accept new applications temporarily

Since we are currently spending 100% of our time developing our new website, we are not able to review applications at this time. However, once the new website launches, there will be a streamlined application process for artists so that new applications can also be processed much faster. If you want to know what the current status is, you can always check out the beta site: https://beta.filmmusic.io/

You can also follow us on Twitter to get latest updates with every detail: https://twitter.com/filmmusicio

How to become an artist on Filmmusic.io

You're an artist? Sell your music through Filmmusic.io.

Your advantages:

  • Strong national and international reach through our licensing schema
  • Earn money with extended licenses (which allow the user to remove the attribution in future projects):
    • Receive 70% of revenue
    • No exclusivity, so you can upload your music somewhere else as well
    • Monthly payment (from 50 EUR)
  • Extensive statistics and evaluations
  • Your own profile with your music


  • You produce your own music (for example: No music maker or music maker jam loop productions, no samples from sample libraries)
  • You are not a member of a collecting society (e.g. GEMA, BMI, SOCAN, SUISA, SGAE...)
  • Your music is not registered in the CID system of Youtube (because people are paying for using ad-free music)


  • Minimum contract period is 2 years (music cannot be removed from the library during this period)
  • At least 10 songs
  • All songs will released under our Filmmusic.io licenses
  • You are responsible for your uploads, we do not control any music

Important (honest) information:

  • Don't expect too much, you won't (mostly) get rich with it.
  • We cannot tell you how much you will sell - some sell a lot, some sell nothing at all.

What your application should contain:

  • Remember that all important information about you and your music is included. We want to listen to your music: If we can't, we will most likely reject your application.
  • Your application should contain all information to match our terms and requirements with your profile.
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