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Loewenklang - the Studio: With us your songs will be really good!

With our recording studio we offer you everything you need for a successful CD production, or a successful gig. Whether you're an inexperienced studio newcomer or an experienced professional, we'll get the most out of your potential.

Our fascination for music and sound is expressed by our name "Loewenklang": Just as the "Loewe" stands for a clear and natural sound with a strong character, the "Sound" stands for music, the fine, the special and the quiet tones.

Music is a creative process. - It gives us pleasure to support and accompany you.

Record your own CD

You've put your songs on paper or you have them in your head. Now it's time for the fans to hear your songs.

Writing and producing songs is always a creative process where you get stuck sometimes. With us you have an experienced audio engineer at your side who accompanies you on your way to the finished production. Even if you haven't quite finished your songs yet, we can help you to realize your creative ideas. The best thing is, you don't have to worry about opaque bills where every little thing is billed separately, because our hourly and daily rates already cover a lot.

The question is: How much time would you like to invest with us in your songs?


Your song is about to be released, but it still lacks assertiveness, volume and optimal sound? - Then you've come to the right place.

In contrast to the online mastering platforms, we not only offer you exclusive masterings, technical know-how and masters with high-quality studio equipment... We also give you the opportunity to be part of the mastering process (of your song, your EP, your album) in the Loewenklang studio. This gives you more control over the end result and saves you trouble and time.

Learn audio engineering

Sound engineering courses and trainings for groups and individuals:

Would you like to learn sound engineering? No problem.
We also offer audio engineering courses for groups (e.g. for technical teams, churches, youth centres) and individuals.

Learn the absolute basics of sound engineering in only 4 courses and improve your sound engineering skills.
In practical and theoretical elements we work on your skills as a sound engineer and sharpen your ear for a better live or studio mix. In total, there are four courses that build on each other and are therefore ideal for beginners as well as advanced students. The sound engineering workshops can be booked individually or as a complete package.

Live Mix: Studio sound for the next gig.

Isn't it frustrating if the gig, which was painstakingly and meticulously practiced before, doesn't go down as well with the listeners as it should?

Uncontrolled feedback, opaque, harsh or musty mixes quickly take the fun out of the concert - not only with the band, but also with the audience.
Because the decisive link between band, stage and audience is the sound engineer.
That's why it's not worthwhile for a concert or event to do without a professional and experienced live sound engineer.

Therefore: Our live sound engineer and our comprehensive sound engineering service is the perfect complement to your event. In cooperation with our event technology partners we can get the best out of your event. And because we also like to work with our tools (mixing console, multicore), we also bring them with us.

Sound Consulting: Optimal Sound Solutions

The right sound solution for your church, community, event location.

We create for you - according to your wishes and ideas - the ideal sound concept. Because we pay attention not only to the size of the room to be sounded, the predominant acoustics, but also to the abilities of your employees, who can later operate the system.
In addition, we offer a short training course for your sound engineers in the new sound technology. And the best? This comprehensive sound engineering service is available at a great price.

Need light and lighting? - No problem. Together with our partners we can also offer you optional suitable lighting concepts.

Rent a rehearsal room: Get away from it all. Time for rehearsals.

A rehearsal should never suffer under the circumstances, but the rehearsal room should increase the effectiveness of a band rehearsal!

If you're about to play a gig, it's worth moving the rehearsal to another location.
Don't worry about volume and annoying street noise anymore.
Not only is our soundproof and well acousticized room ideal for recordings, but it is also an excellent rehearsal room.
Benefit from the advantages of a recording studio.

Whether as a band or solo artist, call us now and reserve your desired date for your rehearsal: 0049 - 174 - 3730306


The Music Studio

Our rooms offer everything you need for a successful solo / band production

  • bright rooms (17qm control + recording, 27qm recording room)
  • optimized acoustics (control room, recording room, etc.)
  • adjustable light-color climate (cool to warm, light to dark) to support video shooting in the studio
  • short ways for loading and unloading
  • lounge with kitchen and bathroom for freshening up
  • Lounge area with view into the large reception room
  • Guests W-Lan
  • convenient payment by card or bank transfer

Loewenklang Story

Music and sound already fascinated the founder of the recording studio Loewenklang, Matthias Gleichmann, at an early age.
At the age of 4, for example, the mother's pots had to be used as musical instruments. After an early musical education, percussion lessons and the learning of piano (later also singing and bass) followed. Furthermore he composed his first songs, beats and soundtracks at the age of 14 in his own home studio. During this time he also made his first experiences with audio recordings, sound engineering, microphoning, mixing, editing and audio editing.

Music and sound should be a big part of Matthias' life. For this reason, he decided after graduating from high school not to pursue a medical degree, which he initially wanted, and to take a distance-learning course to become an audio engineer, which he successfully completed in 2015.

Hobby finally became a profession when Matthias founded his music studio in Hanover in 2015. The recording studio was christened Loewenklang.
Since summer 2018, the studio has been located in larger premises. This means more space for creativity, sound and music with optimal equipment for solo artists and bands.

Make contact: We will be happy to advise you!

Here you find us

Tonstudio Loewenklang
Stöckener Straße 89
30419 Hannover

Telephone: 0049 - 174 - 3730306
Mon - Sa, 10:00 - 20:00 Uhr

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Music studio with high-quality equipment

The quality of a recording depends on various factors, such as the acoustics of the recording rooms, the cables, microphones and their positioning, the preamplifiers and the equipment in the control room.
The most important factor in recording, however, is your performance.
That's why we consciously invest in good equipment so that nothing can stand in the way of your performance and the high-quality recordings in our music studio.

Here you have an insight into our music studio equipment:

Best recordings with our high-quality converters
→ Up to 192kHz sample rate
→ 24 channels in 96kHz simultaneous recording
→ Simultaneous recordings in control room and recording room
→ AD-Converter with Pre-Amps from DiGiCo

Studio audio network:
2x Soundgrid Waves IOX,
Universal Audio Apollo

Audix i5, 2x Audix D2, Audix D4, Audix D6,
2x AKG C451B, AKG C2000B, Neumann TLM107,
Sennheiser E609, Shure SM57, Shure SM58

Amps & Preamps (Guitar/Bass):
Ampeg SVT-VR Classic Bass Amplifier UAD, Friedman Buxom Betty UAD,
Marshall Plexi Classic Amplifier UAD, Engl Savage 120 Guitar Amplifier UAD,
Softube Amp Room Half-Stack UAD, Softube Bass Amp Room 8×10 UAD

UA 610-A Tube Preamp & EQ UAD,
UA 610-B Tube Preamp & EQ UAD,
Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ UAD,
SSL E Preamp & Channel Strip UAD,

EQ's & Channelstrips:
API Vision Channel Strip UAD, bx_digital V3 UAD,
Dangerous BAX EQ Master UAD,
Dangerous BAX EQ Mix UAD, Helios Type 69 EQ UAD,
Precision Mix Rack UAD, Pultec-Pro UAD, SSL Channel Strip UAD,
Tunelux Tilt UAD, HOFA IQ-EQ

Compressors & Limiter:
1176 UAD, Fairchild UAD, LA-3A UAD, LA2A Collection UAD, Bx Optocompressor digital,

Live mixer:
Presonus 32.4.2AI

Studio One Professional Vers. 2, 3 & 4,
Presonus Faderport 16

2x Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro,
2x Yamaha HPH-5T5,
Sony MDR-V900,
Vic Firth

Listen in on direction:
2x KSdigital D80

Compressors & Limiter:
1176 UAD, Fairchild UAD, LA-3A UAD, LA2A UAD, Bx Optocompressor digital,