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Aug/09 Mud Lake Films

Thanks for all the work that has gone into this service!

50.00 €
Aug/04 Mad Dog Studio

Guys, you are doing a great job! I use some of the music for personal videos. I hope more people will donate to your great efforts and music!

50.00 €
Aug/06 White Raven Studios

We are so thankful for this website! Thank you for all that you do.

20.00 €
Aug/04 Anonymous 20.00 €
Jul/25 Trafojer Andreas 20.00 €
Aug/06 Anonymous 15.00 €
Aug/05 Danivek


10.00 €
Aug/05 jflgray

Much thanks for your varied musical scores. Used for family videos.

10.00 €
Aug/03 Mr Chris Hislop 10.00 €
Jul/19 Jonas Schupp 10.00 €
Aug/09 Stabitha Cru'ktfinger

Thank you for this! You're gonna make my baby podcast sound awesome. The Goblin Fabulist, if you're interested, working on E1 now :)

5.00 €
Aug/03 Pixel Dev 4.00 €

Free music for Love

Impromptu piano solo with a strange little bounce rhythm. Catchy, and slightly "off". Ends on a fat rich chord.
19507      624    52    01:31
A cosmic love story that just begins. A tale from explorers who are going to travel across the universe to find their own place. A progressive song going from dance...
4477      149    14    06:37
Photo by Gaston Roulstone on Unsplash.
7837      235    33    03:54
Luscious, fat-filled synths become airborne and soar over your house dropping delicious, sweet morsels. Warm summer wind blows and you're young again and there is nothing to fear. groovy, synth,...
918      27    4    02:22
Synth pop dance with an infection beat and hook chorus. Instrumental.
2634      93    6    03:15
This is notable in that it was the last completed piano piece Beethoven ever wrote. Thanks to the Unheard Beethoven people for their great work on uncovering these lost pieces!
22450      720    74    00:30
Just your run of the mill nice jazz; processed to sound a lot older than it is.
302705      10409    279    03:38
699      17    4    01:45
Very easy-going piece for acoustic steel string guitar and classical guitar. Second A section includes deep and soft piano.<BR>
40379      1339    110    03:03
This is lofi-style music. A good and romantic melody, which combines drums with calm guitar sounds. Gentle music that makes us feel a sense of love, elation, when we look...
1042      34    3    03:18
4985      169    12    03:56
Sweet and soft piano tune, with the help of some strings. Additional versions available with extended license: 15sec, 30sec and 60sec. Everything comes, as usual, mp3 and wav. Enjoy :)
2430      61    13    02:30
I had to write a track in the style of Italian music composer Ennio Morricone, for an assignment for school. I tried my best and this is the result. Hope...
2922      77    14    02:34
4226      114    10    07:48
This track is made in the lofi style. A light sad piano melody combines perfectly with even percussion and unobtrusive voice. This song seems to transport us to the spring...
909      21    5    02:37