3k      130    30    03:16
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3k      69    22    02:57
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Until the world is captivated by Christmas songs, a little more warm winter tracks. it's about a girl I've never met, a perfect, dream girl, everyone has one. This music makes you think, maybe we don't need such a girl, we are always looking for an ideal, but we just...
3k      123    36    03:12
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It's so close to winter, but I want warm music, this bit is full of warmth, sunshine, at least I have such a feeling from it. The sounds of the piano are combined with an angelic voice in the background and the effect of flame, creating an extremely cozy atmosphere.
1k      39    6    02:55
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Such a dreamy melody, full of dreams and hopes, so light and simple and at the same time full of effects and energy. Music makes you wonder if we have a dream at all if we are moving towards it if its lighthouse is approaching in front and leading us...
1k      36    16    02:57
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A light, but already such autumn, almost winter melody, this free lofi type beat love me say so, is already so cold, but so I want someone to be around who will warm-up. I walk the cool streets with a cup of hot coffee, and this love me beat is...
978      31    6    02:37
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Aesthetic melody, pleasant and tender, this beat seems to show the bottomless universe in her eyes, it is difficult to break away from her eyes, they attract and do not let go. The last time I saw you, I created this track and it reminds me of those eyes
2k      64    18    03:45
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It's autumn, but I want at least a little more sun, and this bit creates just such a mood, warmth, sunshine, nature, birdsong, gives the feeling of the last warm day before the cold hibernation. This track is filled with pleasant musical effects combined with an aesthetic melody.
1k      58    15    03:43
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The melody is full of warmth from evening gatherings under the moon with the dearest people. It lofi moonlight beat successfully combines a gentle melody with drums and electronic effects, harmony and tranquility fill the soul, it feels as if you are looking at the moon and feel the rustle...
2k      93    29    04:02
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Extraordinary tenderness fills this beat, the music seems to say, lie to me, because I want to be calm, like this melody. This track combines the sound of a piano with even percussion and a soft grind, which creates an atmosphere of comfort.
4k      96    16    03:41
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The sounds of rain, notes of sadness, a wonderful piano, all intertwined in a gentle melody for the soul. This music inspires that the illusion of rain and sadness appears in our lives and disappears, but after the rain always comes inspiration, elation, a personal rainbow.
4k      137    15    03:51
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A wonderful gentle melody, as if telling your love story, reminds of those wonderful feelings, of inspiration and warmth from the evenings, when you walked together, were just nearby, without words. Music transports you to those days and allows you to fully immerse yourself in them.
2k      79    10    04:25
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Romance blows in the air, along with this sensitive and sad bit. The gentle part of the piano is complemented by even percussion, and if you listen, you can hear the sound of a broken heart. There are times when you just need to be a little sad and this...
2k      108    13    03:56
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Light and sensitive bit, it blows freshness, fresh air, fresh sound. This track makes you dream about the street, about the touch of the wind on your face, about the smell of grass, about freedom.
2k      78    18    03:08
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A gentle and fragile melody, filled with sad motives, this lofi type beat - call me makes you think about who you haven't seen for a long time, who you miss, who you want to say something important. The percussion in this lofi type beat sad goes very well with...
2k      79    20    04:51
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Unobtrusive vocals in this beat give the track features, complement it, make it interesting, and really endless. Everything around seems to freeze, slow down, move in the mode of slow motion, and this music allows you to stop for a moment and think about the infinity of this world.