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I started composing and producing music in the late 80's. While my focus in the 90's was on techno and dance music, today I produce film and producer music, whereby my repertoire now covers all genres.Rock, pop, EDM, jazz, blues, ambient, world music, medieval, 80's synthwave, experimental synthesizer sound design or classic epic Hollywood score etc., everything can be found with me. I am also happy to offer commissioned work. If you would like to support me a little, you are welcome to do so at:


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By Frank Schroeter 4 days ago 90 views
4 days ago
Here my album 1 on the Theme "Back to the 80s",
Album 2 is currently in progress and will be released soon.
By Frank Schroeter 2 weeks ago 225 views
2 weeks ago
One of my Tracks from my new mini Album "Psy Tranceformation"
By Frank Schroeter 2 weeks ago 274 views
2 weeks ago
Beach Dancing Another Track from my new Album "Summer Vibes"!
By Frank Schroeter 3 weeks ago 425 views
3 weeks ago
Another Track for my new Album "Summer Vibes".
By Frank Schroeter 4 weeks ago 534 views
4 weeks ago
My new Summer Album is online!
By Frank Schroeter 2 months ago 2797 views
By Frank Schroeter 3 months ago 2636 views
3 months ago
Time to relax!
Now also on iTunes! ;-)
By milosh9k      Frank Schroeter 3 months ago 3571 views
3 months ago
Frank, is there a single place where your tracks can be licensed? For example i checked pond5 and i do not see the Astral Universe there? By the way, best of luck with your new endeavors!
By Frank Schroeter 3 months ago 2812 views
3 months ago

NEBULAR is one of 12 fantastic tracks from my new Album "Space Unknown Worlds".
A musical Journey to distant Galaxies!
By Frank Schroeter 3 months ago 2629 views
3 months ago
By Frank Schroeter 3 months ago 3575 views
3 months ago
After 5 days of trouble with my distributor Amuse because they refused to accept my new album because the music was supposedly forbidden :-D, it finally worked!
My new album "Astral Universe" is now available in all streaming services and shops!
By Frank Schroeter 3 months ago 3664 views
Echoes of Silence: The Unexpected Ban on Meditation Music Across Major Streaming Platforms
After I uploaded my new Album "Astral Universe" to my online distributor Amuse, so that they could distribute it in all streaming services, the news came that YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and whatever they are all called, have decided that you are no longer allowed to publish Meditation Music!
No reasons are given for this!
What Planet am I on here, where even Music is banned!?
Now I was allowed to rename the Artwork, Album Title and every single Track and try it again!
If it's not accepted again, all the hard work will have been in vain and I can practically throw away this really beautiful Album!

Translated with (free version)
By Frank Schroeter 3 months ago 3569 views
3 months ago
There's news from my Music Kitchen again!
My new Album "ASTRAL UNIVERSE" will be released at the end of next Week!
10 Tracks between 7 and 15 minutes long, pure Meditation Music of various kinds.
Whether Astral Travelling, Sleep, Indian Meditation, Asian Ying & Yang or just to relax, there is something for everyone!
Starting tomorrow, I'll be working on a second Album with 80's Synthwave. (Back to the 80's Volume II )
This is my last post on
As I have already announced, I will be logging off here completely on Monday 01.04.2024!
Best Regards
Frank Schröter
By Frank Schroeter 3 months ago 3587 views
3 months ago
Hello dear users,
I have decided to finally close my account here on on 1. April.
Since it is no longer possible to offer your Music here since the 1st of February and I can't even see if anyone has seen my posts, it doesn't make sense anymore!
It's a pity, I really enjoyed sharing my Music with you and writing with some of you.
If you are still interested in my Music, you can do so on the following pages:

Best Regards