I started composing and producing music in the late 80's. While my focus in the 90's was on techno and dance music, today I produce film and producer music, whereby my repertoire now covers all genres.Rock, pop, EDM, jazz, blues, ambient, world music, medieval, 80's synthwave, experimental synthesizer sound design or classic epic Hollywood score etc., everything can be found with me. I am also happy to offer commissioned work. If you would like to support me a little, you are welcome to do so at:
Cool stuff Frank! My quest to find 1984 led me here.
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Tadaaaa it's time! 🎉
As of today, my Album "Cyberworld" is available in all Streaming Stores Worldwide!
Link See: https://share.amuse.io/HU-0g7HB__KU
To celebrate, here's another Track "Welcome to the Future" from the album.
I took a little inspiration from 90s Freestyle Dance!
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I am currently working on my Album "Cyberworld".
It will be a Mix of Synthwave, Ambient and Cyberpunk with partly brute Sounddesign!
Here is a Track to listen to :-)
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I have completely changed and rebuilt my production setup.
I think it's time to raise my production level a bit.
Since I only upload 2 tracks per week to Filmmusic.io, I still have 8 pre-produced tracks in the queue.
After that, there will be more unusual sounds.
Of course, there will be epic, romantic ambient and extravagant electronic sound design again.
You can be curious ;-)

I would also like to do something like Stream Punk again (like my "Tribute to John Wick" and "Blackout").
What do you think of that?
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I would like to say a big thank you to all my Followers!
It makes me happy that so many People like my Music! :)
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Hi, I just wanna say thanks for all the great music, it has helped me to create great projects, greetings from Portugal.
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Today there is some new Ambient World Music from me.
Soon also available on Filmmusic.io ;-)
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Here is my musical Tribute to the John Wick films!
Admittedly, the Video does not correspond to my ideas at all!
Instead of ugly AI pictures, I would have preferred to use some original Action Scenes, but Hollywood's Media Lawyers, unfortunately, are not very relaxed about that! ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
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I'm currently working on the sound design for my latest work. I'll only tell you this much beforehand: it's about a hard-working citizen named John Wick! If you don't know John Wick, he is (I think I know) the inventor of the delicious cough sweet of the same name. :-D
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Although this jewel will not be available for several months, it is already on my table.
A fantastic synthesizer for unique sound design.
Let's see what I can conjure up with this box.
The results can be found here on Filmmusic.io ;-)
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Mein neuestes Werk
Ich hoffe es gefällt Euch?
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Dear Filmmusic Users

I am sure you have noticed that I have set most of my Music to Premium for the time being.
This has the following reason:
It is great that there is such a unique Website like filmmusic.io, where Producers can download free Music for their Projects and even use it commercially under the CC BY 4.0 licence.
You don't get anything like this anywhere else in the World!
But for me personally, this is also a matter of take and give, so live and let live.
Sascha puts his whole heart and soul and above all an extremely large amount of lifetime into this project (from which he earns nothing himself!) and the artists, too, give everything to support you in your projects with their music!
Surely a donation to Sascha (and maybe a purchase of an extended licence for the artist) will be possible to keep this site running, otherwise this site might not exist any more!
Nobody would have gained anything by doing that.
If you take, you should also give something back, don't you think?
So I simply ask you to donate something to this fantastic site. ;-)
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You can tell I have a preference for Ambient Music.
Michael Cretu is one of my great Idols ;-)

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I have been working on this wonderful Epic Score for almost 2 Days now.
Soon it will be available here at filmmusic.io ;-)
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This time without a video.
This is a track from my new album "Synthese", which I am currently working on at full speed.
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I love Bagpipes!
Could do another 100 Tracks like that :-)

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Yesterday I received an email in which a user wanted to know whether my music can also be used for games and films with erotic content if you buy an extended licence from me for €10.
That's fine with me.
I have no problem with my music being used for erotic media if an extended licence is purchased.
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Hello everyone,
I am also in the extended licence programme.
If you find Music that you like, but you don't have the possibility to add a credit etc. to your Project, you can get an extended licence for only 10.-€.
Just click on the Shopping Cart under the Track. ;-)
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Wishing you all a Happy New Year
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I am currently working on my new Album.
Synthesizer Sounds of different Sound Syntheses.
From Analogue to Modular to late Wave Sound Design, everything will be represented on this Album ;-)
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