Dear Filmmusic Users

I am sure you have noticed that I have set most of my Music to Premium for the time being.
This has the following reason:
It is great that there is such a unique Website like, where Producers can download free Music for their Projects and even use it commercially under the CC BY 4.0 licence.
You don't get anything like this anywhere else in the World!
But for me personally, this is also a matter of take and give, so live and let live.
Sascha puts his whole heart and soul and above all an extremely large amount of lifetime into this project (from which he earns nothing himself!) and the artists, too, give everything to support you in your projects with their music!
Surely a donation to Sascha (and maybe a purchase of an extended licence for the artist) will be possible to keep this site running, otherwise this site might not exist any more!
Nobody would have gained anything by doing that.
If you take, you should also give something back, don't you think?
So I simply ask you to donate something to this fantastic site. ;-)
12 8 6736