Frank Schroeter

I started composing and producing music in the late 80's. While my focus in the 90's was on techno and dance music, today I produce film and producer music, whereby my repertoire now covers all genres.Rock, pop, EDM, jazz, blues, ambient, world music, medieval, 80's synthwave, experimental synthesizer sound design or classic epic Hollywood score etc., everything can be found with me. I am also happy to offer commissioned work. If you would like to support me a little, you are welcome to do so at:

By Frank Schroeter 3 months ago 3405 views
3 months ago
Now it's done!
My new album "Space unknown Worlds" is now online in all streaming services and shops!
By Frank Schroeter 3 months ago 3341 views
3 months ago
After weeks of hard Work and Sounddesign, I finally finished my last Track for my new Album "Space Unknown Worlds"!
It's a mixture of Space Ambient, Epic and ... I can't describe it ;-)
In any case, some extraordinary Ear candy with Sounds from other Planets!

Soon you will be able to buy Licences for all 12 Tracks on Pond 5! ;-)
By Frank Schroeter 4 months ago 3310 views
4 months ago
I'm currently Working on the Sound Design for my next Album.
This time it will be a kind of Space Ambient, a journey into strange Galaxies and Planets with quite Alien extraterrestrial Sounds ;-)
By Frank Schroeter 4 months ago 3078 views
4 months ago
Since today my new Album "Movie Heroes" is online in all Shops worldwide (Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify etc.).
Of course you can also buy licences for all my Tracks on Pond 5. (The link can be found on my profile)
Have fun :-)
By Frank Schroeter 4 months ago 3027 views
4 months ago
Next Week my new album "Movie Heroes" will be released
with Film music from different genres.
Here's a little Taster for you. 😉
By Frank Schroeter 4 months ago 3057 views
4 months ago
My new Album "Dreamtime"
Simply something to relax to!
By Frank Schroeter 5 months ago 3301 views
5 months ago
To all Users and especially my Followers,
With my latest "Track Up and Down", I would like to say goodbye to you here on from 01.02.2024.
My special thanks go to my numerous Followers, who have remained loyal to me over the years.
All my work and everything that will come from me in the Future (and that's a lot!) can be found from February on:

Best Regards
By letraindemanu      Frank Schroeter 5 months ago 3252 views
5 months ago
Bonjour Franck

Juste un petit message pour te féliciter pour tes créations.
Ton répertoire est vraiment très varié.
Tes titres sont bien choisis et permettent un repérage précis.
Dans le lien ci-dessous, quelques éxemples d'utilisation non commerciale de tes créations.

Encore merci pour ces partages.
By Frank Schroeter 5 months ago 3853 views
5 months ago
Please understand that I have set the last 9 Tracks from my Album "Cyberworld" to Premium.
If you listen to the Music, you will surely realise how much work went into the Album and that you don't really want to make it available for free.
By Frank Schroeter 5 months ago 1980 views
5 months ago
As long as we other artists are still represented here, which means only until the end of January, i.e. two and a half weeks, all my tracks will only cost €4.99
If you have any questions, please just write to me.
If you are still interested in my music and the purchase of usage licences, you can find me at
By Frank Schroeter 5 months ago 1955 views
5 months ago
As of today, my Tracks will only cost €4.99 for the rest of the Year!
By Gospel 4 All      Frank Schroeter 5 months ago 2293 views
5 months ago
Hi Frank,

I wish you a fantastic and inspired 2024!
I love Kingdom [Long Version]...
Is a shorter version available as well?
Thank you.

Kind Regards,
By The Mad Dogs      Frank Schroeter 6 months ago 2530 views
6 months ago
Hi Frank!

First of all I wish you a great 2024 with your music!

I have used your music for 2 of our family videos (2 kids we have adopted)

Here are 2 links if you want to see them



Thanks for sharing your nice music!

The Mad Dogs
By Frank Schroeter 6 months ago 2620 views
6 months ago
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I have a Present for you.
Until 31.12.2023, all my Music is half price again!
I will spend the Holidays doing what I always do: composing and producing Music! ;-)
By TurboLazer      Frank Schroeter 7 months ago 3955 views
7 months ago
Cool stuff Frank! My quest to find 1984 led me here.
By Frank Schroeter 8 months ago 6524 views
8 months ago
Tadaaaa it's time! 🎉
As of today, my Album "Cyberworld" is available in all Streaming Stores Worldwide!
Link See:
To celebrate, here's another Track "Welcome to the Future" from the album.
I took a little inspiration from 90s Freestyle Dance!
By Frank Schroeter 9 months ago 6067 views
9 months ago
I am currently working on my Album "Cyberworld".
It will be a Mix of Synthwave, Ambient and Cyberpunk with partly brute Sounddesign!
Here is a Track to listen to :-)
By Frank Schroeter 10 months ago 6960 views
10 months ago
I have completely changed and rebuilt my production setup.
I think it's time to raise my production level a bit.
Since I only upload 2 tracks per week to, I still have 8 pre-produced tracks in the queue.
After that, there will be more unusual sounds.
Of course, there will be epic, romantic ambient and extravagant electronic sound design again.
You can be curious ;-)

I would also like to do something like Stream Punk again (like my "Tribute to John Wick" and "Blackout").
What do you think of that?
By Frank Schroeter 11 months ago 7711 views
11 months ago
I would like to say a big thank you to all my Followers!
It makes me happy that so many People like my Music! :)
By Frank Schroeter one year ago 9893 views
one year ago
Today there is some new Ambient World Music from me.
Soon also available on ;-)