French sound designer and composer.

Happy New Year to the Filmmusic community, especially my fellow artists !

Image by Kalak through Stable Diffusion.
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My favorite image generation AI and I wish you a Merry Christmas !
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Kalak is back from the dephts of the ocean with the track ABYSSONANCE.

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I live in a green city that is very welcoming to passing bears...
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I am about to share my fiftieth track on this platform : EXPLORING KRUR. The opportunity for me to greet and thank all the people who like my music.
Consulting my statistics show that to date, as a percentage, the most downloaded tracks after listening have been the following : APPROACHING JUPITER - FOREST TALES - QUIET CROSSING - BEYOND THE DUNES - HALLUCINARIUM - SNOWFLAKES BALLET.
If you download my tracks from time to time, consider a donation to keep this platform running.
And now a preview of the video attached to EXPLORING KRUR :
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Hi Frank, to follow up on your musical tribute, here is my very colorful AI image of John Wick !
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I can't resist the pleasure of presenting to you the video of the new track that I will put online tomorrow : GIGERIUS.

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Thanks to Mannitumusic for making a music video with my last track !

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Merci pour ton commentaire Kalak, content que Deep in the soul te plaise.
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"What is called life is only a brief episode between two big mysteries which in fact only make one." (Carl Gustav Jung)

An inspiring quote in echo with my new song uploaded today : AT THE GATES OF MYSTERY.
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Let's laugh a little...

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I just used your beautiful music for my video. Thank you.

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As sound designer, I make many demos and songs to highlight my new presets and I am very happy to have the opportunity to share some of them through Film Music. So, many thanks to Sascha Ende !
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Water Shimmers - https://youtu.be/-bVHUWpVXBg
MEDITATION SOUNDSCAPES - https://youtu.be/rAfXst5y0k0
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LET LIFE BE - https://youtu.be/7pekgz9VWwE
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