A Canadian Dork with a YouTube Channel who won't stop talking about tech and video games. I'm very fun at parties.

Spent time after College in a Television and Communications Media Program building a small YouTube Channel during "The Dark Times". While most video have been game related, I have been pushing my way to tech videos, dubbing this my "Tech Enthusiast Era."

In 2023, I plan to take the Channel a little more seriously and start making videos more regularly. I've started exploring Social Media Alternatives such as Mastodon, and this site. I look forward to doing more in the nerdy side of things. :)
I haven't been good at updating this thing. I got a new video out
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The current mood: https://youtu.be/XDGcqZBPim4
So this one time... in rumbleverse. I got Roasted by my teammate.

New Video finally! Rumbleverse LETS GO!

Took some time but I finally made the video of obs preview and input latency because I kept getting comments on the previous videos:
This video went form being a small bit in another video I was working on, to botched recording, to one of the dumbest video I have made. If anything, this experience has taught me that I suck at Soulcalibur #soulcalibur


When I start uploading more frequently this year decided to throw me a few curve balls.
Finally got around to making proper looking logo for the channel. I'm currently going to start using this as a channel PFP and a Watermark for the videos. I think it looks nice.
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I now have a channel trailer! I've used music from filmmusic.io throughout most of it, you can see the attribution to each song in the description.
I may have a small obsession with the ever changing Content Creation options. Hope no one minds that I shout these into the socials.

I figured since I talked about YouTube policies semi-recently, I thought I'd share some of my personal research in this subject. I have a little bit of skepticism with all of them, but I also like looking into them.

I have just realized that I have yet to post the latest video on here so I might as well
Wrote a small update written over on my Rambles Well Written
Blog. TL;DR : Things are going slowly but I do hope to have a video out before the end of February.
I might as well give this a poster here as well. Today I wrote an blog pst about my feelings around YouTube wanting Creators to be responsible for their content, but fail to give them the tools to have more nuance than "For Kids, 13+, and 18+. Mature content." While others who are more active in the content creation space will have surely have more examples how Creators could in part Self Moderate themselves, I feel this a good start is more incremental age rating, and content warnings than just letting the algorithm guess.

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I have been informed that Gif and Webp are now available to use. To test this new feature, I shall post a mildly threatening pikachu I made and animation of years ago. For context a discord friend said a pikachu plush I had looked very menacing.
Made a blog post yesterday about my theme for the New Year. 2023 the Year of Blaance: https://rambles-well-written.writeas.com/2023-the-year-of-balance
"It's a me. Mario. Yeh Hoo!"
This here is a frame from the Pokemon Firered Nuzlocke where a did a funny little animation where Blaine get hit in the head with burn heal. I'm not the greatest drawer in the world, but I do like to doodle from time to time.
I have been informed that image uploads for post have now become available. Time to test! This was a redo for one of my thumbnails from one of my capture card videos. Not the biggest file in the world but an easy enough test image.
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Since I'm posting stuff here in general too, I'm also going to link the latest Write As blog (Rambles Well Written) post I made about how I feel about the erosion of media ownership... and MultiVesus was what broke me! :D