A Canadian Dork with a YouTube Channel who won't stop talking about tech and video games. I'm very fun at parties.

Spent time after College in a Television and Communications Media Program building a small YouTube Channel during "The Dark Times". While most video have been game related, I have been pushing my way to tech videos, dubbing this my "Tech Enthusiast Era."

In 2023, I plan to take the Channel a little more seriously and start making videos more regularly. I've started exploring Social Media Alternatives such as Mastodon, and this site. I look forward to doing more in the nerdy side of things. :)
A Story of 22 FPS (Told at 60 fps) - Ezcap Game Link Raw (Part 1) - https://youtu.be/xBKwrJGpzPY
I'm also interested in what this "OnlyMe" about. If it does while I'll do some twitter like posts here too. Maybe push my friend towards here/it but we'll see.
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Well might as well post since I'm here now. I've been trying to take YouTubing slightly more seriously, and while it's still more of a past time I take some pride in it. Here's a compilation of what I worked on this year:
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