IMPORTANT: I AM NOT AVAILABLE FOR ANY PAYED (OR UNPAYED) JOBS/OFFERS! I don't want music production to become a job for me, I DON'T enjoy that.
As a musician and composer with a lifelong passion for creating original compositions, I have dedicated myself to honing my keyboard skills and expanding my musical abilities since the age of seven. While I initially focused on playing from sheet music, I quickly became drawn to the challenge and excitement of developing my own melodies.

In the early stages of my musical journey, I utilized a Sony Mini Disc Recorder to record and manipulate sounds in order to create my own songs. Although the results were far from polished at that time, they provided a solid foundation for my continued development as a musician.

With the advent of home recording technology in 2011, I began producing my own music using either Cubase Studio or FL Studio, depending on the genre. To date, I have created over 600 original songs, and I am committed to demonstrating that even unknown artists can achieve recognition and success without the support of a record label. Filmmusic.io, a platform that showcases the work of independent musicians like myself, is a testament to this belief.

In addition to my work as a musician, I also enjoy exploring other creative pursuits such as photography, drones, and film production. My diverse range of interests and passions contribute to my holistic approach to creativity and self-expression.


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It's time for a new crazy song. Either "Brüllaffe" or "Rüpelrapper" will get a follow-up soon. We are still unsure who exactly 😉
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IMPORTANT: I AM NOT AVAILABLE FOR ANY PAYED (OR UNPAYED) JOBS/OFFERS! I don't want music production to become a job for me, I DON'T enjoy that.
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I unblocked russia today. If the next DDOS attack happens, I will block russia again for 6 months.
Today there was an issue with the SSL certificate, that was not updated automatically. I could resolve this, update the certificate and all should be fine now.
Thank you for your messages an letting me know!
Have a nice sunday and happy downloading.
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As of today, Putin is wanted by arrest warrant. As soon as he is in one of 123 states of this world, he will be arrested and sentenced. Very good! Criminals must be behind bars!
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I have listened to hundreds of cowboy songs in the last 2 months, looked at all the instruments, studied how banjos and dobros work. It was a week and a half of work to combine classical elements of cowboy music with modern film music in the style of Hans Zimmer (and others) so that it sounds coherent, not old-fashioned, but still conveys "cowboy feeling". Now enjoy the original trailer music to the soon to be released Pullman City movie.
Free Download: https://filmmusic.io/song/1057...
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Because of DDOS attacks from russian ip adresses on this website today i have blocked russian network. Based on the ip adresses i found out, that this is from a russian company named "Starcrecium Limited" on cyprus:

I am so fed up with Russia that this country now remains blocked.
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The war in Ukraine will end on October 14, 2023. Ukraine will win. I just wanted to post this here so that later I can say that I had psychic abilities :D
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That went silly: I just recently created my own TikTok channel and noticed that all of the latest songs I published are blocked on TikTok, resulting in a copyright notice. This is really a bit dumb!!! I have now requested that all of these music tracks be removed from TikTok again. Sorry for the inconvenience, it was not intentional on my part.
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I love this performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
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English version: https://filmmusic.io/u/SaschaE...

Liebe Mitleser, Zuhörer, Künstler und alle anderen,

in letzter Zeit habe ich mich oft gefragt, wie es in Zukunft eigentlich mit Filmmusic.io weitergehen soll. Das Problem ist ja hausgemacht und meine eigene Schuld: Während es einerseits für die Künstler eine tolle Sache ist 100% der Einnahmen zu bekommen, hat dies dafür gesorgt dass die Spenden massiv zurückgegangen sind. Allerdings sind es nur die Spenden (und meine anderen Einnahmen wie Spotify und einige wenige Lizenzverkäufe), welche diese Webseite am Leben erhalten. Während diverse Künstler stark durch Aufmerksamkeit und Verkäufe profitieren, muss ich auf meiner eigenen Webseite mit steigender Anzahl von Künstlern selbst um Aufmerksamkeit kämpfen.

Auch habe ich versucht, auf die anderen Künstler zu hören und Downloads nur noch für registrierte Nutzer zugänglich gemacht. Dies sorgte allerdings dafür, dass die Werbeeinnahmen um 60% gesunken sind: 80% aller Besucher registrieren sich nicht auf einer Webseite um etwas herunterzuladen und verlassen die Webseite dann eben.

Mir ist klar geworden, dass ich wenig daran ändern kann und eigentlich auch nicht möchte. Mir ist aber auch aufgefallen, dass ich anderen Künstlern so viel biete und dabei eines vergessen habe: Mich selbst. Anstatt auf meiner eigenen Webseite das zu tun was ich will, habe ich zu viel auf andere gehört. Aber warum eigentlich? Es ist ja meine Webseite wo ich tun kann was ich will.

Ich bin keiner der sich selbst gerne in den Vordergrund drängt, aber ich habe mich selbst in den letzten Jahren auf meiner eigenen Webseite immer mehr in den Hintergrund rücken lassen ohne wirklich davon zu profitieren. Und das ist nicht Schuld von anderen sondern meine eigene Dummheit.

Ich habe mich dazu entschieden, in Zukunft wieder deutlich "egoistischer" zu sein und mehr an mich zu denken und Filmmusic wieder zu dem zu machen, was es einmal war: Meine Webseite mit meiner Musik und anderen Künstlern, die hier im Prinzip so was wie "Gäste" sind. Ich weiss auch nicht wirklich ob man hier von Egoismus reden kann, da ich ja nichts weiter mache, als von meiner eigenen Arbeit zu profitieren.

1. Konkret heisst das, dass man mich auf meiner eigenen Webseite nicht mehr suchen muss, sondern dass man meine Musik immer auf der Startseite findet. Mal ehrlich, es darf doch nicht wahr sein, dass Leute mich fragen, wie sie auf meiner eigenen Webseite meine Musik finden? :D
2. Es ist meine Webseite, also entscheide ich alleine was auf der Startseite zu finden ist. Es ist also kein Algorithmus mehr, der die Musik auswählt sondern ich. Grundlegend entscheide ich hier nach Qualitätskriterien. Ich will ja jedem die Chancer bieten hier Musik hochzuladen, aber ich muss das ein wenig redaktionell filtern. Ich will nicht dass Leute sich erschrecken, wenn sie auf einen Song klicken weil dieser übersteuert, qualitativ absolut minderwertig oder einfach nur schrecklich klingt.... Es ist meine Webseite also darf ich das entscheiden.
3. An diversen Stellen rücke ich meine Person wieder mehr in den Vordergund, sei es auf der "Über mich" Seite oder dass ich meine Socialmedia Kanäle nun wieder prominenter verlinke.

Ich hoffe, alle haben dafür Verständnis. Zumindest gibt es mir wieder die Motivation, diese Seite am Leben zu erhalten da sie für MICH endlich wieder wirklich einen Mehrwert hat.

In Zukunft werde ich Entscheidungen auf dieser Webseite auch nicht mehr davon abhängig machen was andere wollen sondern nur noch das was ich alleine will und was für mich und die Veröffentlichung meiner Musik und den Fortbetrieb dieser Webseite am sinnvollsten ist - selbst wenn Künstler (Gäste) dann das Boot verlassen.

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Deutsche Version: https://filmmusic.io/u/SaschaE...

Dear fellow readers, listeners, artists and everyone else,

recently I have often asked myself how Filmmusic.io should actually continue in the future. The problem is home-made and my own fault: While it is a great thing for the artists to get 100% of the revenue, this has caused a massive decrease in donations. However, it's only the donations (and my other income like Spotify and a few license sales) that keep this website alive. While various artists benefit greatly from attention and sales, I have to fight for attention myself on my own website as the number of artists increases.

Also, I have tried to listen to the other artists and have made downloads available only to registered users. However, this resulted in a 60% drop in advertising revenue: 80% of all visitors do not register on a website to download something and then just leave the website.

I've realized that there's little I can do about it, and really don't want to. But I also realized that I offer so much to other artists and forgot one thing: Myself. Instead of doing what I want on my own website, I've been listening too much to others. But why actually? It's my website where I can do what I want.

I'm not one who likes to push myself to the fore, but I've let myself fade more and more into the background on my own website over the last years without really benefiting from it. And this is not the fault of others but my own stupidity.

I decided to be more "egoistic" in the future and to think more about myself and to make Filmmusic again what it used to be: My website with my music and other artists, who are basically something like "guests" here. I also don't really know if you can talk about egoism here, because I'm not doing anything else than profiting from my own work.

1. concretely, this means that you don't have to search for me on my own website anymore, but that you can always find my music on the front page. Honestly, it can't be true that people ask me how to find my music on my own website? :D
2. it's my website, so I alone decide what to find on the front page. So it's no longer an algorithm that selects the music but me. Basically I decide here after quality criteria. I want to offer everyone the chance to upload music here, but I have to filter it a bit editorially. I don't want people to get scared when they click on a song because it is overdriven, of absolutely inferior quality or just sounds terrible.... It's my website so I get to decide that.
3. in various places I move my person again more in the foreground, be it on the "About me" page or that I link my social media channels now again more prominent.

I hope everyone understands this. At least it gives me the motivation to keep this site alive again as it finally has a real added value for ME.

In the future I will not make decisions on this website dependent on what others want but only what I want alone and what makes the most sense for me and the release of my music and the continued operation of this website - even if artists (guests) then leave the boat.

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My new song area 18 will be finished within next days. Here you can listen to an interim version.

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Let the beast in you out, fuck everything, puke on the wall and then listen to this song!
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