522      41    13    02:55
I think it's one of the darkest electronic pieces I've written so far.
570      17    2    04:06
A minimalistic song with a monotonous, non-intrusive melody that I can well imagine as background music in a beach cafe. At least I could very well sip a caipirinha to this song and listen to the sound of the sea.
1k      48    15    01:14
Also check out the cinematic video:
1k      38    7    06:39
Let your news sound more news like :D
4k      200    55    02:36
When you are sometimes in a parallel universe, when interpreting people becomes a feat and like studying, when your humor is somehow different.... Here is Sascha Ende's new song "Asperger".
6k      317    68    00:44
This intro is specially designed for commercials. It has a driving beat, conveys positive feelings and offers enough space and scope for a narrator or further sound effects.
3k      75    20    03:49
6k      313    97    01:20
2k      61    22    03:28
I saw that there is missing some HARDCORE tracks on Filmmusic. So I started making the first :D :D :D
3k      112    35    03:17
Here it is, my first song after a long time. "Spring Bloom" was a beautiful title, because I also somehow woke up again after such a long time. The photo is from my wife, taken with an iPhone ;) Enjoy it, as always for free.
10k      188    57    03:00
7k      170    53    02:59
Content ID Registered
This song version with vocals can possibly generate copyright notices on Youtube, because it contains royalty free vocals that are used in many other songs from other producers. With the purchase of the extended license you get the instrumental version in addition.
6k      357    86    03:12
Watch the full length making of (live) here:
6k      322    66    05:31
All over the world, people are evacuating: whether because of floods, because of fires, or because of war. This song is a snapshot of my feelings.
12k      210    59    08:36
I've heard my music in so many Lostplace videos that I thought to myself: I'll make a series with background atmospheres especially for you Urbexers. Here it is now. Small tip: Just play a little with the volume in your video to control the tension.