48k      3k    431    04:56
Oldschool trance techno with modern sounds. I loved it then and I still love it today.
11k      395    58    03:15
A party, all in ecstasy and no one has themselves under control. That could be the right music for it. I had done the crazy remix for "Farting Around" by Kevin MacLeod some time ago. Since so many people asked for it, here is an instrumental one.
9k      259    32    03:18
A club remix of Kevin MacLeods new masterpiece.
15k      798    104    03:52
The rainforest is burning and you feel powerless. This song is a snapshot of my feelings when I see the pictures on TV.
1 Version
10k      309    40    04:02
I love fish, do you? Then let's make sure that the sea is always full of fish.
1 Version
9k      412    66    03:31
A quiet and chilly song with the beautiful voice of Zara Taylor.
1 Version
26k      2k    156    03:08
8k      380    73    28:30
Trees rustle, it rains, sometimes stronger and sometimes less strong. In between a thunder roll. From time to time you can hear a quiet wind chime in the background.
18k      1k    147    03:56
17k      1k    178    01:13
14k      852    133    02:17
Depression: A subject that hardly anyone is still talking about and yet it has become a serious and recognised disease - a disease that affects many and more people. I know a lot of people affected, the ups and downs, the mood swings, sometimes very happy, sometimes sad, without knowing...
6k      181    28    03:12
"All The Lines" with the wonderful voice of Admiral Bob. The song is cinematic, minimalistic and deliberately without drums or other percussive instruments. Have fun with it.
1 Version
9k      333    42    03:55
We all can't hide from it: AI will occupy an ever greater part of our lives, both positively and negatively. That's what this song is about - with the beautiful voice of Kara Square.
1 Version
9k      307    42    03:06
Do you look under the bed at night when it's dark? Maybe you believe in monsters too? This song with the great voice of Admiral Bob (Richard Bethell) combines rock with orchestral music.
1 Version
11k      646    74    04:17
Do you sometimes miss summer and holidays in winter? This song reminds me of a beautiful sunset on Mallorca, a beach bar, a cocktail in my hand - sometimes the end of the evening can be so beautiful :)