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Dear owner of,

You are receiving this legal infringement notice from Nationwide
Legal Trademark Department due to the unauthorized usage of our client's

The use of this image : on this page
: is fine, as long as our client (Cheap Snow
Gear) is fully credited.

The credit must appear under the image or the footer of the page and
be clickable to *** within 5 working days. We
await your response to confirm this has been completed, removing the image
does not resolve the case.

Failure to do so in this time frame, will result in legal case (No.
26284) proceeding under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's Section 512(c)
(" DMCA") for past and or current usage.

Past usage of the image can be seen in the records on Wayback Machine
( - a permanent public archive of the web, which
will be called upon as evidence in this case.

This email serves as the required official notice.


Kristy Barrett
Trademark Attorney

Nationwide Legal
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Austin, TX 78701
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