You got an email from youtube? Currently many users (yes, me too) receive an email with the content from this screenshot ⬇️. As far as I know, this seems to be a mistake, because neither the link nor the video is deleted. Also, the link to appeal leads to an error page. This email from Youtube also has no consequences for your channel. Youtube just really messed up again.

Unfortunately, I can not do much here, because there is just as little contact for me at Youtube as for most of the rest of humanity. And Youtube support is as helpful as a conversation with a chimpanzee in the zoo.


1. Youtube does not delete the link
2. Youtube also does not delete your video
3. This email from Youtube seems to have no consequences at all
4. The link to the Standard license ( ) is neither a scam nor a fraud. Linking to the license used has been common practice on the Internet for many decades and is also required for Creative Commons licenses according to the license terms.

If there is a lawyer here who feels like helping me and suing Youtube for this nonsensical email - just write me. The insinuation that this link would lead to a fraudulent site is really an impertinence.

Anyway: For now I have removed the link to the license from the "copy and paste" texts.
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