It is insane. On Reddit some poeple write that I would steal music from other artists like Kevin MacLeod:

The (sad?) truth is: Kevin MacLeod earns more money monthly through than I have only through advertising revenue here to finance the whole website. Kevin MacLeod gets 100% of his earnings and does not have to give anything to Filmmusic - like every artist:

Hey, but that's okay. It was always my goal to offer small artists a platform where they can offer their music with 100% self-determination. Did you know that artists on other sites like Audiojungle have to give up to 60% of their earnings?

Why I am doing this? Because this is not a for-profit website, this website is just my hobby - not my job. I do not live off this website and never intend to. I am a programmer in the automotive industry and just have fun with music - and fun when others have fun with it.

The whole situation with Youtube is really pissing me off more and more every day. I guarantee that I will sue Youtube next week for all this stress - and if I have to spend all the rest of the money on the Filmmusic account for it: It's worth it to me when a big company simply has no regard for content creators.
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