A user sent this to me about a minute ago. I do not know how the user found this link. This is the first time google has officially commented on this issue. https://support.google.com/you...

Open questions:
- Has it really been fixed? I don't trust Youtube anymore after the last weeks.
- In the forwarded emails, all sorts of links to filmmusic.io (also music tracks) were warned by Yotube, not just the license link. Has that also been fixed? The statement only talks about license links.
- What guarantee is there that this will not happen again?

Even if google now officially admits this after a few weeks, it unfortunately does not change the fact that a lot of damage has been done: Be it costs, my time, the reputation of the site or even the confusion and fear on the part of all users.

Honestly, google, why did it take so long? And the most important question: How can something like this happen at all, that an automated system gets out of hand in such an uncontrolled way?

And the most important question for me: Why is there no competent contact person to solve such things fast? Youtube support was not even able to answer a request from my lawyer.
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