As a musician and composer with a lifelong passion for creating original compositions, I have dedicated myself to honing my keyboard skills and expanding my musical abilities since the age of seven. While I initially focused on playing from sheet music, I quickly became drawn to the challenge and excitement of developing my own melodies.

In the early stages of my musical journey, I utilized a Sony Mini Disc Recorder to record and manipulate sounds in order to create my own songs. Although the results were far from polished at that time, they provided a solid foundation for my continued development as a musician.

With the advent of home recording technology in 2011, I began producing my own music using either Cubase Studio or FL Studio, depending on the genre. To date, I have created over 600 original songs, and I am committed to demonstrating that even unknown artists can achieve recognition and success without the support of a record label. Filmmusic.io, a platform that showcases the work of independent musicians like myself, is a testament to this belief.

In addition to my work as a musician, I also enjoy exploring other creative pursuits such as photography, drones, and film production. My diverse range of interests and passions contribute to my holistic approach to creativity and self-expression.


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All questions regarding free support on this free website via messenger to my account will now be answered by an artificial intelligence.
This is a documentation of the carneval in hannover. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
I am always making movies for the harzer highlights in germany. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
I'm currently working on making it possible to post pictures as well. It is important to me that drag and drop is also possible. One image will be possible per post. Images will, like videos, then also automatically appear in the profile in a separate area. Probably this will be available in the next 1-3 days.
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Christmas changelog:

1. Posts now display a counter that shows how many times the post has been viewed.
2. I have optimized the website for touch devices, so that in various places two clicks are no longer necessary.
3. On mobile devices, clicks in various places no longer trigger popups that display a brief info about the user.
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Just used your beautiful song on my project https://youtu.be/QpgZWEujyvA . Thank You.
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Hey Sascha! I have a little problem, the page us in german, how do I made it speak hotdog?
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- Comments on Posts now also trigger a notification. Finally :D
- I am working on likes for posts now.
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1. Fixed positioning of mouseover-popups
2. Added follow buttons
3. Added a news stream on dashboard page (with news from people you follow)
4. Reprogrammed the menu to allow a third navigation level (for example account -> settings)
5. Removed icons from the user profile menu (too much space)
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Working on one of the next remaining features: Follow people and marking special friends with stars.
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1. Fixed a bug where preview images for songs are not displayed on hover (on search...)
2. Added Userprofile images to the "Recently online" list
3. Added icons to the main menus. Made it translatable.
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Filmmusic is in the process of being translated. First into the following languages: German, French, Ukranian. The interface will be automatically displayed in the corresponding language (if available), if you have set your browser to do so.
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une idée de quand la maintenance sera terminée ?
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On Twitter, Elon Musk had announced "freedom of speech" in a big way. Now he has deleted the channel "elonjet" although he had promised not to do so. Even the personal account of JxckSweeney, the creator of the "elonjet" account, was blocked.

News on google regarding this topic: https://www.google.com/search?...

I'm really glad that I deleted the Twitter account of Filmmusic.io and programmed the stories here in the last days - and real freedom of speech can prevail here, because it's my own website :)
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Changelog from yesterday:

1. Hovering with the mouse on a music cover (image) shows a big image
2. You can save your professions in your profile: https://filmmusic.io/user/prof...
3. I added a button to scroll up ;)
Private messaging is about to come within next hours. Finally you are able to start private conversations (with artists, others...).
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As a small thank you to all loyal visitors I have turned off the advertising up to and including Christmas. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and many gifts. I also added a little snow to the website. I hope this awakens some Christmas winter feelings in you :)

Kind regards,
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All the happenings on Twitter have been totally bugging me lately. In general, social networks have become unpredictable. That's why I deleted the Twitter account of Filmmusic and simply programmed my own Twitter/Facebook here in the last few days. Small advantage: You can use it too :D So in that sense, have fun with it and leave the artists a few comments on their songs, they'll be happy for sure!

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Actually working on bringing stories on Filmmusic to life ;)
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Bundesoffenes Qualifikationsturnier Hannover 2022 (karnevalistischer Tanzsport) - https://youtu.be/LSE_y1Ek1CA