As a musician and composer with a lifelong passion for creating original compositions, I have dedicated myself to honing my keyboard skills and expanding my musical abilities since the age of seven. While I initially focused on playing from sheet music, I quickly became drawn to the challenge and excitement of developing my own melodies.

In the early stages of my musical journey, I utilized a Sony Mini Disc Recorder to record and manipulate sounds in order to create my own songs. Although the results were far from polished at that time, they provided a solid foundation for my continued development as a musician.

With the advent of home recording technology in 2011, I began producing my own music using either Cubase Studio or FL Studio, depending on the genre. To date, I have created over 600 original songs, and I am committed to demonstrating that even unknown artists can achieve recognition and success without the support of a record label., a platform that showcases the work of independent musicians like myself, is a testament to this belief.

In addition to my work as a musician, I also enjoy exploring other creative pursuits such as photography, drones, and film production. My diverse range of interests and passions contribute to my holistic approach to creativity and self-expression.

You will also find me in the Star Citizen Universe with my Constellation Taurus :) Use the following Code to register at Star Citizen and get 5000 UEC extra bonus:


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I didn't just get upset about stupid emails today. I have reworked the outdated complete search in the background and equipped it with new search technology. When searching for keywords, you finally get better results now.
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Use the following Code to register at Star Citizen and get 5000 UEC extra bonus:



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WAV Format for extended license owners now available :)
I slightly made some modifications to the main menu.
@Artists: Click on "My Music".... :)
Explore hundreds of new tracks in my profile that are visible now (in mpost cases instrumentals) that were hidden for over a year now. Tracks with different versions. Example:

Just look out for the red "+ xxx versions" button.
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Check out my new song "Star Citizen - Leaving the Hangar".
Download music:
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I have redesigned the download windows.
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Mass actions for artists are now available.
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@ARTISTS: PREMIUM feature is now available. PREMIUM means that an extended licence must be purchased for this song before it can be downloaded.
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Did i mention that in the last 4 years i spent ~2920 hours in this website and earned ~3000 Eur in 4 years? Thats ~1.03 Eur per hour of work :D
If I had invested the same time in a part-time job at McDonalds, I would have earned about 41,580 Eur.

I think this answers the question why I do it: Just because and because it's fun.
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Changelog today:

- Fixed some issues with image file uploads on stories and user profile
- Artists: Activated drag&drop for uploading music
- Extended licenses now have a download button to download the song directly
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Did you ever check out this masterpiece of a REALLY SEXY SONG??? :D
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Isn't that a pretty helmet?
It's just epic how I parked this spaceship the wrong way and even managed to get out.
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@Artists: Due to some adjustments, there was a delay in the evaluation of the statistics, so that lower values were displayed for the last 2 days. This data has now been added subsequently.
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Thank you for your great music!
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I fixed a bug that caused page loading to be slower and sometimes javascript would not load, causing errors such as downloads not working.
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Due to inactivity on his abandoned profile and because Rafel Krux is generally not active in "CC BY Music" anymore, his music has been deactivated today and the artist badge has been removed.
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Extended detailed statistics for artists are now available. Just click on "Artist area" and then "Artist stats".
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I can hereby announce that after 4 years of beta phase, the advanced options for artists (uploading music, selling music, etc.) will be available to every user in about 4-8 weeks and can be activated. The "verified artist" badge can optionally be purchased for a fee of 5 euros: This requires a one-time verification with ID via an online service.
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