Over five years of hard work. Let me introduce you: The first music written entirely by an artificial intelligence. Even the lyrics are based on a deep learning algorithm that was previously fed with content. The voice is generated by a neural voice generator.
I have been working on music theory for a long time. Back then it all started with the website "Chordfinder", which automatically generated good sounding chords based on the most popular patterns of pop music. Since music is ultimately based on mathematics and rules, it wasn't too difficult to generate midi files that could be automatically imported into Cubase as tracks.
I only had to do the mixing. And the subsequent mastering of the music was also done by an artificial intelligence.
The question now is: Is this music or is it not music? Is it art or is it not art just because it is not created by a human being? Who is the artist when an artificial intelligence produces a song: The programmer or the artificial intelligence?
If artificial intelligence eventually takes on human traits and emotions, this question will nevertheless become very relevant at some point - because artificial intelligence will claim to have performed the creative work without the programmer.
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