696      14    5    02:03
My new job is the road of war. march of soldiers and battle with music accompaniment and a natural ending.
915      14    3    03:47
free improvisation in rock style. Mix of different guitars, drums and voice
1k      32    4    02:00
Disco dance - one more music best for your holiday video as a background music.
1k      48    9    04:16
Music is better for relaxation and meditation with sounds of birds in wood, piano. saxophone and fife. Its all make harmony and calm music.
1k      51    7    06:16
I present another version of the rock interpretation in a rather aggressive style.
1k      46    7    03:36
I tried something new for myself in creating music, in rock style. Although this is my favorite. A short sound track with drums and guitars.
1k      61    11    06:39
Calm music, good for relaxation, just sit quietly to the music. Here he used the sounds of nature and the singing of birds.
794      38    6    02:28
Second track like a techno track
828      47    9    01:16
I tried myself in this direction. And that's what happened. If someone is useful, I will be glad.
709      22    7    04:16
Dark music using wind, choir and drums. All this creates a gloomy atmosphere. Such music can be useful for use in an intro or trailer.