Royalty free music composer.
I just wanted to send a message of thanks for your wonderful music. I use it, with full credit of course with all the links provided with each download for such purpose, for the title credits and closing credits for my ASMR fantasy series "The Lord of War & Heartache" on my YouTube channel. My favourite track is "Hero Down" which is currently used as the theme tune for my storyline, due to it's dramatic orchestration.
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This Is The EHW Extreme Hybrid Wrestling Instrumental Remix Version
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this is michael gindhart music master entertainment/extreme hybrid wrestling i paid for lifetime to use big rock and i did a whole new mix to it for our wrestling promotion we are a small independant promotion with little to no profits my question is i added vocals also promoting the ehw extreme hybrid wrestling... i'm not sending links etc... but i would like if i could for you to take a listen extreme hybrid wrestling youtube listed as big rock (2011 theme) our little following been asking can this be released on music platforms of course any profits and song would be credited to you the creator. thank you for your time my contact is 267-368-2154

I also wanted to add i would pay to put it on platforms and would title it as Kevin MacLeod - Big Rock (The EHW Extreme Hybrid Wrestling vocal Remix) also Kevin MacLeod - Big Rock (The EHW Extreme Hybrid Wrestling instrumental Remix) 2 tracks or whatever way you wish if giving permissions.

thank you,
michael gindhart (djmikeg01) (extreme hybrid wrestling) (music master entertainment)
Thanks a lot for your wonderful music
it give my videos the spirit to go a live

Your music helps a lot of poor people make wonderful creations, that sometimes translated to money revenues. And you sure earn from that, much more than just money. You give them hope, and having back gratitude, respect, acknowledgement and recognising.
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Thanks a lot for your
Very very amazing music.
I used it in my short video that is talking about Cybersecurity.
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Kevin Macleod you are amazing composer 😃😃
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your music makes me forget my dad left with the milk

this is just a joke im kidding
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You are amazing living soul Kevin! I love you and your worked!
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Your music is the best :oooo
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your music is amazing :D
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Thank you so much for your music, Mr. MacLeod!
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I love him
Thank you very much. Working on putting together music for my DnD campaigns with my family. And heard your music on Critical Role. Great job.
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Thank you so much for your music, Mr. MacLeod! You've been a lifesaver for years. Absolute legend.
Hi. I use your music for nearly all my creepypasta videos on YouTube. You´r a great artist. Go on like this!
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I have been purchasing your music and using it for nearly a decade! Thank you for what you do!
monkey spining money
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the GOAT himself
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