21k      192    17    01:24
We start with a repeating music box theme. The cello recontextualizes the simple music boxes providing a surprising and comforting bed for the low trumpet to sing over. </musicologist ramblings> HELLO, HOLIDAY DANCE RECITALS! There is a shorter version of this available... because holiday dance recitals.
29k      263    20    05:00
It's your Grade 10 Formal and no one is dancing. All the usual cliques are in all the usual places, and questions are spinning around in your head... Would Alex actually dance with me? How can I make that happen? What's that smell? Did I wear deodorant? What exactly do...
188k      6k    204    02:51
Attention in the lobby: The show will begin shortly. Please find your seat. Souvenir programs are available for purchase at every entrance. Remember to set your bleeping devices to non-bleepie mode. This show features flashing lights, live bats, and almond butter. If you have a condition that may cause problems,...
153k      5k    300    04:23
You know when you're at a friend's house overnight for an experimental airplane convention and there are people sleeping on various sofas, so you don't want to turn on the lights - but then you run your shin smack into the metal coffee table, knocking over 3 mostly empty bottles...
127k      3k    195    05:05
2am. It is raining and there is a line outside the noodle place. A dim red glow comes up from the next staircase down; you hear a hypnotic pulse. Looking down, you see there's a propped-open door with a couple smoking outside it. "Ethernight Club" is laser cut into a...
138k      3k    200    03:22
113k      2k    125    03:39
4 players. 4 big drums. This is more of an ingredient than a stand-alone piece of music. Serving suggestions: Add ambiance to your RPG. Spice up your next didgeridoo performance. Use as background beats for holiday caroling. Entertain with on-hold music for your telecommunications business.
101k      2k    127    01:52
Welcome to "Hotel Lobbies Around the World"! Here in Guzheng City, this hotel lobby features flaming brasiers offset the triple 10 meter waterfalls. An innovative clock made of animatronic dolphins sets the tone, while telling the time! 6 Artist alcoves on the opposite wall provide guests with entertainment while providing...
224k      7k    284    02:09
Is it chiptunes? Nope. Is it 80s? Nope. We had to wait 40 years for this stupid fusion! 40 Years!!! It is really happy, though. Like when an underdog video game character is doing a level-up montage, or that song that plays in a 13 year old's head when they...
180k      5k    189    02:54
The 80s Gallop, a rhythmic motive heard in this piece, was popularized by many synth pop bands of yesteryear. Legend has it, some of those bands may still exist - wandering the countryside in search of slap bracelets.
150k      4k    238    02:58
Build your pyramid in Five easy steps! 1) Level the intended build site 2) Get your GED in architecture 3) Quarry 100 million tons of limestone from a local quarry (cubits?) 4) Learn to be a charismatic leader 5) Synergize your assets from steps 3 and 4. Congratulations, you are...
132k      4k    165    03:26
What do you get when you cross Phil Collins and Enya? You get a visit from the ethics department, and you get your funding revoked.
132k      5k    194    02:21
The title of this piece of music is a pun. The word "Aerosol" is a reference to a common hair product delivery method of the 1980s. "Aerosol" can very easily sound like the words "Here is all" or even "There is all". One can effectively hear the title spoken out...
108k      4k    139    03:33
This piece of music contains pleasing audio information.
129k      2k    78    04:47
This version of canon in D is so over-the-top, it has gone into orbit! Hah! Bit glitch reggae trap beat. You can tune out the instrumentals and just focus on the trap beat. It's a completely separate entity moving along with the melody like a rowboat following in the wake...