99k      2k    103    05:39
Harpists, by nature, are solitary people who love horses. Getting harpists to play fast together and contour a melodic line is neigh-on impossible. So we have to give all the notes to one person so it doesn't sound like harp hell. But now you need to rest, because plucking like...
76k      1k    64    05:39
You know Canon in D. You know what an old harp sound like... If you're into that combo - here you go! Wedding processional at a Ren Faire? Check! Background music for a period piece where the period isn't all that important? Check! Timelapse of growing mushrooms? Check!
64k      535    33    05:39
The autoharp is that instrument that has a pile of parallel strings that you strum while pushing buttons to make different chords. I remember these from 5th-grade music class along with flute-o-phones and recorders. What I didn't know back then, is that you can pick individual strings too! You don't...
81k      852    86    03:14
Super-Mario world level 2-18, the wedding cake world.
121k      4k    241    03:38
The tenor sax performance in this piece was done by an AI musician. The notes and chords were generated algorithmically (not by an AI). 0:33 there is an amazingly smooth and correct sounding run-up. 0:50 it goes below the actual tenor sax range. I love how it extrapolated down...
123k      4k    167    03:30
How to make Tiki Drinks: Add rum. Add fruit juice. Add other rum. Add different fruit juice. Add another rum. Add some other juice thing. Top with crushed ice. Garnish with umbrella, flowers, pineapple, watermelon, small plastic dinosaurs, and sugar cane. Light on fire.
135k      4k    233    04:53
Dark horror soundscape. There are places of evil in the world. Dark places. There are places that absorb life with their greasy tendrils of unlight. There are places that screw up everyone's sandwiches. There are places that delay postal packages. There are places that cause internet outages right when you're...
99k      3k    154    02:41
Somewhat urgent music for storytelling. Winding staircase that leads to nowhere... like your liberal arts degree. Melodic enough to hold your interest. Repetitive enough for you to lose interest.
85k      3k    161    03:29
Haunting music for storytelling; With a cello. Cello, bassoon, and piano are known to be expert haunters. This piece has no bassoon, but 2 out of 3 does get pretty haunting!
67k      3k    109    03:36
Nice, but creepy music for storytelling. Simple melodies played on that old piano your grandma had in her basement. It was once great, but has since become a spider and dust motel. I'm sure the spiders think it is pretty great. Gotta be loud if you're a piano spider, but...
67k      2k    125    05:36
Grating Horror Soundscape. Welcome to the Open House! I’m Kathy, your realtor. You’ll probably want to keep your shoes on. On your left is the living room, complete with ornate working fireplace. It’s fueled by the souls of the damned AND it heats the whole house! Mind yourself around the...
61k      1k    115    04:39
Dark horror soundscape with technological and mechanical overtones.
61k      2k    122    05:51
Some nice soul-sucking horror music. It looks like an innocent birthday cake. Something mom might buy down at the Jewel’s. It showed up at the holiday party for our Class D personnel last year, but no one knows who brought it. It may be related to SCP-1117. Here’s the problem;...
102k      4k    132    05:33
Bare bones island vibe without all the excitement and thrills. At about 2 and a half minutes in, it gets even less exciting! The mallet rolls are pretty good though. I used an EM1 Malletstation and real mallets. Makes a difference.
104k      3k    131    03:36
While this is a party, we caution all the lemmings out there against the formation of conga lines. Things can, and have, taken a turn for the tragic out by the cliffs, volcanos, quicksand pits, coconut groves, tidal pools, and most tragic of all… the gift shop.