114k      3k    123    02:50
Another exciting guerrilla warfare planning meeting, and Parker didn't bring the coffee. I'm starting to annoyed with Parker more and more these days. Sure, the new "cape cod style" curtains look great in the mud blinds, but I'm not into the satin obelisk in the middle of our jungle huts.
177k      4k    131    03:21
36k      1k    123    03:23
118k      2k    97    02:49
466k      21k    452    03:13
Scott Joplin composition.
381k      12k    252    03:43
Like a worn out record with a mis-punched spindle hole. Thanks, izope! :-)
304k      11k    280    03:38
Content ID Registered
Just your run of the mill nice jazz; processed to sound a lot older than it is.
244k      7k    212    02:59
Scott Joplin composition.
187k      4k    137    02:49
James Scott composition.
216k      11k    340    06:28
The Brady in the title is not a reference to the Brady Bunch. It is a reference to Dr. Brady Haran, one of the most influential filmmakers of all time.
220k      10k    376    02:00
Oh that's nice. Like a salve. But the salve might have bits of pumace in it. Don't rub too hard.
169k      7k    239    04:48
This piece gives me the feels. Remember that episode in Game of Thrones where the dead were coming to Winterfell, but they'd be there later... so everyone is just waiting. Cleaning the horses, eating cold soup, hugging friends, stacking wood. There is deep sadness in there. That's this piece.
190k      6k    206    00:44
271k      15k    602    01:01
Oh, this is a big one. Short, but big. There's nothing wrong with either of those things.
123k      3k    103    02:14
Light and airy, with a bit of a march going on. Parallel chords and Ravel-like crescendo.