Royalty free music composer.
your music makes me forget my dad left with the milk

this is just a joke im kidding
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You are amazing living soul Kevin! I love you and your worked!
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Your music is the best :oooo
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your music is amazing :D
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Thank you so much for your music, Mr. MacLeod!
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I love him
Thank you very much. Working on putting together music for my DnD campaigns with my family. And heard your music on Critical Role. Great job.
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Thank you so much for your music, Mr. MacLeod! You've been a lifesaver for years. Absolute legend.
Hi. I use your music for nearly all my creepypasta videos on YouTube. You´r a great artist. Go on like this!
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bruh i alway confuse this with search bar
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tatched villagers
I have been purchasing your music and using it for nearly a decade! Thank you for what you do!
monkey spining money
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the GOAT himself
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