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Lizzai is an up-and-coming artist whose music is quickly gaining popularity. Their pronouns are any, and they specialize in R&B and acoustic music. At just 14 years old, they have already made a name for themselves in the music industry.

Lizzai's musical journey began in April of 2022. Despite not playing any instruments, they have a natural talent for singing that has enabled them to make music that resonates with people. They are always striving to improve, and their music reflects that ambition.

Lizzai started singing at a young age, and this has allowed them to hone their skills. Their music is filled with emotion and is often described as soulful and inspiring. Their lyrics are especially poignant, and they have a knack for creating songs that speak to the listener on a personal level.

Lizzai's music is gaining traction, and they are quickly becoming a fan favorite. They have already released several singles. They are also active on social media, where they share snippets of their music and engage with their fans.

Lizzai is a promising young artist with a bright future ahead of them. Their music is filled with emotion and speaks to people on a personal level. They have a unique sound that sets them apart from other artists, and they are always striving to improve. With their ambition and talent, Lizzai is sure to be a household name in the music industry.
i dislike people<3
only thing i like doing is making music, i hate everyone an everything else
i wanna get verified so bad but im scared they gon take my id or sum
just posted all my tracks on here, please let me know what you think <3

- liz
good morning <3
just released some of my music on this page, still working on putting more. listen to it and let me know what u think <3

- liz
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making new music for everyone <3
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