837      27    10    00:14
Game show celebration! Drum roll, please. Tell them what they've won, Johnnie! We'll be right back after this word from our sponsor.
838      39    17    00:08
Goofy lo-fi stinger (or intro) for the world's silliest game show
360      13    5    06:31
Warning: contains very loud pig squeals. This is the soundtrack of a recurring nightmare a friend described to me. She told me of Nazis, an abduction and drowning, and pigs galore. I'm told it helped her make the awful dream go away...
411      15    4    04:53
Conspiracy theories. Alien overlords. Schizophrenic hellscape. Find the clone labs and destroy them.
557      7    5    01:54
A soundtrack for "the destruction of organized society as we know it," famously triggered by a violation of the unspoken rules of Male Restroom Etiquette. First debuted in:
675      0    3    01:53
Inspired by Monty Python's love of a good Sousa march, this would fit quite nicely on the Curb Your Enthusiasm soundtrack. Originally composed for the YouTube video, "Male Restroom Etiquette" by zsoverman.
1k      69    14    01:22
Inspired by the golden age of American television themes written by jazz-influenced guys like Allyn Ferguson and Quincy Jones, this is an original melody over the top of the chord changes used in the 1960's "Spiderman" theme, but more in the style of the theme from "Barney Miller."
4k      160    34    02:18
The traditional English folk song on solo jazz-influenced piano. The Christmas version of this song is commonly known as "What Child Is This?"
4k      81    11    03:09
Named after the iconic Asimov character in memory of my late friend, Peter Rasmussen. Could be the intro to a sci-fi television show or something.
5k      196    31    03:06
A funky combination of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Deck the Halls," at a dubstep tempo (70bpm/140bpm). Some of the time the beat swings, at others it's straight 4. Plenty of ways to cut this up to suit the length you need.
3k      191    11    04:58
Flowing peaceful piano, clean minimalist positive-vibed piece. Other instruments include violins, contrabasses, a cello, an English horn, and a Wagner bass drum... spiced up with a pad/synth here and there to give it a somewhat ethereal feel. "Salam" means "peace."
5k      263    52    00:34
Somebody's doing some sneaking around... and is in for a surprise. Oboe dancing over pizzicato strings and orchestral percussion... until everyone comes charging in at the end a la The Surprise Symphony.
1k      39    14    01:06
An eerie experiment that seems destined for a science fiction context, despite the fact that it was composed leaning solely on subconscious influences rather than thinking about any particular genre.
2k      86    27    07:28
Experimental and improvisational score, using only orchestral percussion instruments. Performed one track at a time while watching the short film in question. Did wonders for its original (silent, no talkie) short film (which went on to win several awards), and also stands alone surprisingly well.
2k      53    9    02:49
Originally scored as an opening title sequence for a short film, "The Days After," about the end of the world, it sets a gloomy dystopian mood.