Classical basis, mostly composing with pianos and orchestral music, ambient, dark ambient.. I love to improvise with my piano and I do this since I was 12. I play several instruments, such as piano, guitar, violin, accordion (less), .. and I have a saxophone but you don't want to be very close to me when I play this instrument ;). Very expressive and descriptive, I love to transmit my pure feelings when play or compose. I also started to compose music for children, funny, epic, happy acoustic and corporate tracks.
Once again a sale here that makes me so happy! this time a nice corporate composition that I finished yesterday. I'm planning to upload some additional loops of this track and others, so I think it might be useful here... Enjoy!
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J'adore vos musiques qui sont superbes à écouter et accompagne très bien les images ! Bravo et merci !
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I love your piano compositions. Its not only good for films... just listening to is awesome :)
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Merci pour tes compositions.
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Today I feel very happy! a customer bought my epic track "The March Of The Final Battle" for architecture purposes!! this is so encuraging to see my compositions being used for productions... I feel this is so... great!! :D
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@Mannitugames Thanks a lot! :)
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One of my favorite artists. Thanks for the music 💙
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@SaschaEnde thank you very much! and I'm very happy to be here! :D
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I am very happy that you are here!
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