Hi, I am Arne, a 24 year old computer science student from Berlin. 

About 10 Years ago I developed interest in producing digital music and started uploading the experimental results onto my Youtube channel. This is when I found out about Kevin MacLeod and his amazing approach in distributing free music for such purposes. Therefore I began producing royalty-free music myself which I distributed via Youtube and Soundcloud. 

A few years ago I began to pursue this hobby in a more serious manner and tried to become more professional - especially regarding my mixing and mastering skills. Having done several jobs as a mixing/mastering engineer and producing two commercial albums I feel like re-activating the more experimental and creative series of background tracks I made in my early days. And due to my belief in the idea of open-source, I want to keep that work royalty-free.


Find me on the Internet!

Spotify: https://sptfy.com/9t8s">https://sptfy.com/9t8s


My filmmusic.io Projects:

Musikhalde Remasters: https://filmmusic.io/playlist/1915/fitap -> A collection of creative oldschool music 

Stranger Synths: https://filmmusic.io/playlist/1914/padis -> A Series of electronic music revolving around the nostalgic eighties

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