2k      110    20    03:16
Cool upbeat. Retro disco meets orchestral music.
2k      89    18    02:26
Emotional, hopeful in hard times. Works nice for an Epic cinematic scene. Battle or love, as long as there are strong feelings involved. Extended licence included high quality wav format.
3k      105    21    01:07
Chase music, more or less a prolonged riser. Perfect for nice action cuts ending with a bang. Extended licence included high quality wav format.
3k      127    21    01:18
Creepy and sad. Short background thing, not to melodic could be cut and work as short intro or just some unsettling mood background. Extended license includes high quality wav format.
3k      148    26    02:47
Funny happy euro-disco thing! :) Probably works for a super funny/happy message, or for a cartoon maybe? At least it's positive, simplistic and a bit catchy but not too busy. Extended license includes 24bit wave.
3k      83    27    03:19
Nice and soft electronica song. Not too busy and works as background, but still some nice melodies and sounds. Extended license includes: - All tracks as separate audio files (24 bit wave) - Full mix as 24 bit wave - Midi for the song - Only midi data/notes per track,...
4k      158    16    02:30
3k      154    25    02:08
For celebrations, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Happy and uplifting piano and orchestra. Feels nostalgic with a sense of remembrance. Feature the full orchestra with strings, brass and woodwinds. Perfect to drone shots, time lapse and any grand majestic epic footage.
4k      91    25    03:20
Strings only mix. Original: Listen on Spotify:
3k      97    23    03:34
Dark and epic "end of the world song". Starts out soft and sad and exploded into full hybrid orchestra sound wall.
3k      120    26    03:36
Originally made for my Spotify account, so not your typical "background" music but hopefully it might work for something. :) Nice emotional piano and orchestra with a touch of electronic elements. Full on epic dark middle and full tutti orchestra ending. Listen on Spotify:
3k      95    27    04:22
Emotional solo piano piece. Soft, slow and dramatic with a lot of variation.
4k      217    29    02:18
Melancholic and sad. Very slow and emotional song featuring an Una Corda.
5k      176    17    02:35
Remake of my old Epic Queen of Hearts. The crowning of a queen, loved by the people.
2k      57    9    04:02
Song made exclusive for my Spotify account. But releasing it here as well. Not the typical background music, but parts of it would work for some epic imagery.