5k      231    9    02:32
Soft and nice background track. Nothing serious at all going on, just kick back and relax.
5k      294    35    02:53
Massive Epic Orchestra. Perfect for any dramatic and powerful imagery. Got choirs and tutti. :)
5k      311    29    02:54
6k      203    36    02:42
Epic cinematic electronic hybrid. Some kind of trap, dub and orchestra that is just so dark and phat sounding. Perfect for a dark sci-fi trailer or some classic matrix action. :)
4k      197    12    02:34
Remake of my older song "Free Skies". More soft and emotional piano performance, and better sounding piano.
4k      209    17    02:38
Sad that we are closing down. But this is how I will remember us. Classical majestic orchestra. Photo by Yunming Wang on Unsplash.
6k      199    18    02:31
String quintet feat. double bass. Dark and disturbing. Not music you would listen to, but will probably enhance very unpleasant imagery. Perfect for horror. Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash
6k      194    13    02:59
Nice and slow string quartet with backing string ensemble. Easy and relaxing with no surprises, just plain simple and beautiful music. :) Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash.
6k      171    14    02:25
Nice big band pop with touch of jazz. Can't shake this 1980 Japanese anime feeling when listening to this one. Jazz band sounds are not my strong side, but it turned out quite ok. :)
5k      246    15    02:36
Cool epic orchestral piece. A reuse of the harmony/melody from my "Retro Gamer 2". Have both some epic and soft parts for your cut and paste pleasure. :)
3k      123    12    02:37
Cool electronic piece. Nice and atmospheric intro, but with some cool modern electronica as main part. Cool grovey beat.
7k      402    51    02:11
Cool retro game style, but with a more fresh sound using modern synthesizers. Have a cool vibe with aprs running. Maybe just me but give me a nostalgica trip. Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash.
4k      149    9    03:23
Nice electronic space theme. Let's you drift a far away, perfect for anything with space or (friendly) aliens.
4k      121    8    01:43
More a experiment a played around with, but sound ok. :)
9k      622    52    02:07
Powerful with a touch of super hero / super villain. Dark powers rising with lots of oomph in the bass. Very dramatic pice and think I might have maxed out on my epic-ness scale. :) Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash. [165 bpm / A minor]