6k      297    47    04:05
Starts of with acoustic guitar and a very interesting chord progression with lovely melodies. After about 1,5 minute everything takes of, and becomes a very cinematic metal piece with fantastic melodies inspired by some of the greatest Scandinavian metal bands. The last part is also really cool. I hope you...
3k      117    19    03:57
A relaxing melodic improvised rock piece! Perfect as a backing soundtrack, or just to practice your own guitar solos. Chord progression is very “Pink Floyd”-ish.
16k      959    197    02:49
I like to call this “redneck metal”. That might be completely wrong, but it definitely has a “southern” touch over it. Jack the Lumberer is an extremely popular song across the internet, and it has been used in so many different kinds of content, I won’t start suggesting what kind...
8k      457    59    02:12
A basic rock/metal piece with cool riffs. Doesn’t steal too much attention, and works great as both content music and as a backing track! Feel free to jam along!
3k      168    24    03:57
Classical rock track. Works great as a backing track. It has a very “innocent” chord progression and can fit many places.
4k      174    20    02:30
A melodic rock/metal piece with a really weird time signature. That doesn’t stop it from being cool, though. Inspired by some of my favorite Dream Theater riffs. A piece like this can fit a lot of places when it comes to video. Kinda depressive, kinda dark, but still hopeful and...
3k      170    12    05:08
A "Dire Straits"-kinda inspired piece. Melodic rock n roll, with catchy drums and a soothing guitar.This piece is perfect for “thinking-scenes”, where you want your audience to reflect over the situation.
3k      137    21    01:54
Driving down “Route XX” somewhere in the desert. There’s a chance you’re escaping something… This.
7k      342    56    03:05
A dark piano piece transcending into rock. Originally written as an outro to one of my metal albums. This piece fits all sorts of dark and gray environment, but also has a touch of hope.
4k      154    18    04:39
If the Devil had hymns, right? Just a pure piece of heartpounding melodic metal with so much banging and epicness any metal fan will have a good time. If you’re not a metal fan, you’re missing out.
4k      205    27    03:14
Fun fact about this piece. It was actually based on the sound of a huge machine on a construction site near my house. The banging sound you hear in the beginning is an actual audio recording of this machine. It was pounding like that every single day for months. Drove...
4k      162    18    04:44
A re-creation of a really old track, with a metal twist. I’m not sure I even have the old version anymore. This piece has a lot of Scandinavian elements and melodies. All baked into one epic cinematic metal piece.
4k      189    24    05:17
Just a really, really heavy metal instrumental. It has a lot of really cool riffs for when metal is needed. Parts can also be cut out if you like them better than others.
4k      156    19    04:27
Aka Manah is a weird piece, where beautiful piano and a facepainted metal band meet. If you’re able to appreciate the heavy guitars, drums and bass (which you should) this piece will hopefully make you bang your head invoulentarily
6k      242    54    00:23
I can say one thing. If you’re making a podcast - here’s the perfect intro/outro!