10k      654    81    01:27
A basic layer of bongos. Useful for lots of things! Progresses towards the end. Ends very abrupt, which makes it perfect for cross-fading and looping. Reminds me of some of the original Playstation game levels.
8k      443    70    04:11
Originally written for lyrics. A melodic ballad with a few diverse parts. Very grooving and interesting, as well as melodious and relaxing. Inspired by some of my favorite bluegrass pieces. Too bad that stupid guitarist can't play on time.
4k      223    28    02:25
A really catchy acoustic ballad with country elements and a melodic chorus. This can be used as a backing soundtrack in joyful fast phase content, or even as a soundtrack to your own written lyrics!
12k      663    66    02:20
"Sunny Rasta" is sort of a hybrid between rock and reggae. It's very happy and uplifting and works with all sorts of joyful content. If your content involves a beach or any tropical environment, go for "Sunny Rasta". OR you could plug this in your ear the first time you’re...
3k      112    11    02:44
A relatively relaxing and cheerful ballad. Originally written for a vocalist, so this is perfect for adding vocals to. Goes from very calm to kind of groovy towards the end, and more orchestral parts added as it progresses.
3k      189    23    02:16
A simple ballad with guitars, drums and bass. Perfect for backing track to vocals, or just for listening. Inspired by some of the good old melodic bluegrass tracks. A very positive piece with few changes throughout.
17k      1k    115    03:39
Slightly out of pitch, some notes struggle to hit the bar. As if performed by a secondary school band! It’s certainly beautiful, because the drummer is on time, and the pianist is decent. It’s always the guitarist that ruins the whole thing… Those darn guitarists trying to steal the show.
11k      699    77    03:28
A very relaxing, but still uplifting ballad! Originally written for lyrics. Will work great as a vocal track. It is also very melodic and there are few changes throughout the song which makes it perfect for looping. Ends with a guitar solo with orchestral elements.
16k      1k    136    05:48
An almost 6 minute acoustic piece with 3 acoustic guitars, bass, drums and a solo cello. This song has a perfect structure for lyrics. Originally written for a inspirational video.
3k      144    11    03:32
A relaxing ballad performed by a band with some orchestral elements. Very melodic and full of harmonies. Put your own vocals on top, or just add it to your joyful content.
5k      205    35    02:46
A rock infused reggae ballad! There are few bands out there making hybrids of rock and reggae, but man, it’s really cool. Few changes throughout, but very melodic and interesting. I also managed sneaking a guitar solo in there.
4k      146    17    03:22
A very relaxing, but still groovy reggae track! “Be Chillin’” is a potato-instrumental. By this I mean that you can use it for anything. Either as a background soundtrack to your content, or you could play your guitar, or put vocals on top. Very ambient, but still melodic and interesting.