Luna Li composes royalty free music for SQLuna Royalty Free Music Label, and plays Zither in the Staffin Island Ceilidh Band & the New Syne Band.
One of my silliest actions is changing my Artist Name 3 times! I was known Luna Li who plays Zither/Zheng/Koto (The same instrument in different languages) back in 2010, but I wasn't good with the internet public, till another same name artist got famous on youtube, so many friends came to ask me was that me, I was surprised and went to check online found it wasn't me, and keep telling all the people that wasn't me... till I got thick with this claiming, then I thought I want to make a little bit change of my artist name to help my self-esteem, but every time ends up I don't like the change... because I finally noticed that my "first love" of my own name was actually my favorite... I noticed I'll keep being sad and ends up not happy with any names without using my initial English name that my father gave to me while he was a student studying English subject in University when I was born... Now I'm trying one more time with so many inconveniences I‘ve already made so far to change my name back to Luna Li. And I see me........
This was one of my earliest compositions on Zither. The very first music "Dancing Abroad" took me 6 months to finish, 12 months to complete. Since then I start to compose more Zither music in live gigs & clubs. But I stoped doing music for a little while and focus on life. After many years later, I found I still really love tunes and songs. I want to keep polishing my music skill,and pushing myself compose more tunes & songs from now. https://youtu.be/m9eTr97ehk8
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The Middle (Instrumental Version). I create royalty free music for SQLuna Music. You're welcome to use this music in any conditions, please credit the label name "SQLuna" while you're using this music if you can. https://youtu.be/DzmhGYGzGcs
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Koto (Guzheng) StoneFire from World of Warcraft by Luna "Shaoqing" Li - https://youtu.be/UqGzDmyamOc
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古筝 Chinese Folk Song “Ode to the Motherland” 歌唱祖国 by Shaoqing "Luna" Li - https://youtu.be/d-BkgPYbRxk
Koto (Guzheng) Improvise “EleOctTwe19” WIP - by Shaoqing "Luna" Li - https://youtu.be/PkukFqNlJ_w
踏梦之旅 "A Journey Towards My Dreams" Music composed and performed by Luna "Shaoqing" Li - https://youtu.be/NP8GGFUcKdY
Koto (Guzheng) - The Night - Shaoqing Li (Luna) - https://youtu.be/OsUhCsx1btg
Psyche - Improvisation Recording - WIP - https://youtu.be/HTgZ0Ewwfs4
酷暑天竟然发生了这种事……!你是否也有类似经历? - https://youtu.be/qNelGzvuRCI
Piano Improvisation 我的钢琴即兴曲 by Shaoqing "Luna" Li - https://youtu.be/uyUdspcXxds
"A Lost Map of A Heaven" - Shaoqing Li (Luna) Koto (Guzheng) - https://youtu.be/G5cdEFsz6eI
Koto (Guzheng) "Dancing Abroad (Set)" by Luna "Shaoqing" Li - https://youtu.be/okFP5Rok8JM