Hi! I’m Luna Li. I love composing & playing music, singing songs, and I am even trying to design my own music instrument! While I have loved playing music since I was little, the first tune I published was a Zheng tune called “Dancing Abroad” that I composed while at Abertay University in 2012.

My instrument is an Oriental Harp called a Zheng (pronounced “Jung” with the “J” sounding like “Juice”) - other names for it can be Guzheng, Koto or Zither. As an Asian musician in the West, I’m designing a new instrument that can better suit the music genres and scales played here.

If you'd like to support me making music, please check out my site - https://sqluna.com/

I also composes royalty free music for the SQLuna.org - SQLuna Royalty Free Music Label.
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