“I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up in the morning and see the light.”-Miles Davis.

I'm a playwright, poet and musician. I adore adding music to my work.
You'll (soon) find "a capella" vocal clips which you can use in your projects...

More information coming soon.
Hi! I am planning on posting original and public domain/old songs and short vocal riffs/scales which could be used in a variety of projects. Crowdsourcing!

In replying, you're under no obligation to download anything I end up posting! Don't worry!!
But I am curious as to what types of vocals would be of interest to musicians. There's a lot out there. Some very good, some not so good. I want to hear from you, directly.

I love most every style of music (especially with vocals ;) Art songs (classical/baroque / renaissance) jazz, rock, folk, children's songs... most everything. I'd thought of recording old public domain songs (as they're of interest to me and there are many out there rarely recorded) Whatever I produce will have no backing vocals. No accompaniment. Just clear melody lines which can be edited as needed.

Some questions if you've a moment to respond!

Any requests?
Ideas for songs?
What irritates you about what's out there when you've searched for vocals?
What do you find yourself using often? or searching for often?
What digital format is best for you?
Would you appreciate different keys (organically, so you don't have to transpose/lose quality)?
Pitfalls to avoid?

If you've anything to suggest, please do. Curious.... Thank you very much for helping me out! and I hope I can create something that will be of use to you all--Nora
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Here's another one translation of a nordic song using music by Alexander Nakarada. https://www.youtube.com/watch?... Someones I hear one of his songs and the folksong springs to mind :)
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Curious. Is there a market for royalty free snippets of vocals. Probably is... Record in various keys. Use public domain sources/original melodies etc. Any advice? thoughts? leads? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them. Storage? How do you make it worthwhile financially?

I love creating. Full stop. So I'm wondering if there are musicians out there needing non-computer created/enhanced vocals. Just Vocals, Pure and Simple. hey, that could be a good name ;)
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Thank you for creating this site. Happy to be here! :)
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I love to add music to my plays. Have written some musicals, but prefer plays with music. Not that marketable apparently!! oh well...carrying on doing what I do. Here's an example of a song used for my play IMPRESSIONS OF PARIS which you can find on NPX https://newplayexchange.org/users/34709/nora-louise-syran
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Thanks to Alexander Nakarada of Serpent Soundstudios for sharing this site --we'll see how I can contribute...
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