"TaigaSoundProd" is a passionate team of musicians and sound designers!

We are excited to share our music tracks, intros, and audio logos. Find the perfect sound for all your projects!

Our dream is to make good music and work with interesting people, so we create our tracks putting our soul and special care.

It is very important for us that your product will have excellent results and a powerful impact.

Let us create the best projects together!
Good afternoon!

Due to recent changes on the site, I would like to inform you that you can continue to follow our work on any of the resources listed here - https://linktr.ee/tspmusiclibr...

Also, we started publishing new music for listening on all streaming platforms - "TaigaSoundProd" - and we will be glad if you like it!
Hi there, do you have your own site for music downloads. I'm so sad I won't be able to use your CC tracks now that you're no longer listed here.
Hello there! We've been utilizing your music in our podcast (obervableradio.com) in several episodes, and we'd love to keep in touch with you once this site changes format. What's the best way to find your music outside of here?
New year, new track!
TaigaSoundProd - Stardust
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TaigaSoundProd - Parallel Universe - https://onerpm.link/511176327905
TaigaSoundProd - Criminal Race - https://onerpm.link/617486852443
At the end of the year we released some new tracks. Enjoy listening to them! 🎧 https://onerpm.link/554114412381
And another new job for nft


You can follow our sound design works here:) - http://instagram.com/taigasoun...
We recently did a simple yet very fiddly animation job with a friend of mine. I did the sound:) Just check it out: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz...
Friends, we are currently organizing our YouTube channel. We would be glad if you follow our creativity and news there as well - @tspmusiclibrary.



Things are a bit raw there for now, as they always are at the beginning of the journey. But we'll fix that soon:)

Have a good day everyone!
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His works are perfect for creating 3D animations, ranging from short advertisement videos of a few seconds to product introduction videos lasting over a minute. They possess a rich sense of rhythm, with music that has clear beats and fantastic drumming. He is an exceptionally talented music producer。:D
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Love the intro
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Amazing intro's
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Amazing intro's !!!!!
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