My first instrument was a Casio CZ-101, and I've never looked back...

I absolutely love to create music.  I find it amazing to give a sonic texture to a visual construct, imaging in my head what a scene or even a picture would have with sound surrounding it.  Seeing what other composers have done over the decades I aspire to meet and exceed those amazing influences and their inspiring talents.

I specifically love to explore various musical styles, and will go to lengths to try new things.  I'm a "challenge accepted" type of composer, so if you have a project in need of something very unique please contact me directly at  I'd love to work with you!

New album dropping (officially) 1/31/23 but available here in infusions now! 1st 3 songs dropped today. Playing around with a Cyberpunk meets Synthwave sound on this one.

A TON more on the way in the 1st quarter - stay tuned!
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I'm currently working on some Synthwave tunes, as well as another space album. I get in these ambient moods and have to drift off into the outer solar system for awhile in order to come back and focus on, let's say, a spaghetti western album or something :) lol!

Stay tuned - should have some more published by the end of the month...

BTW, if you're a fan and like a particular style I compose, please let me know. I like making the things that bring you to my page!
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Hey Everyone!

I've signed up for extended licenses so if you're interested in my music and being able to use it for commercials, etc. where no attribution is possible, for $20 Euros you now can buy an extended license!

Just click on the link under my music to purchase it in the future...
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@u237521 thanks for the comments!
Amazing atmosphere, its really cool the way that just give you the chills